How Instagram Can Help You Market Your Business

Instagram is completely centered at sharing photos and short videos and it is initiating new features of sharing pictures such as filters, stickers, boomerang, etc. Currently, the photo sharing app has over 700 million users with less competition and more … Continue reading

Creating SEO-friendly URL Structure

SEO-friendly URL is the most basic yet powerful and important SEO concept. Despite being a ranking factor, many still don’t have a proper URL structure, which may affect their search engine ranking. I have seen it so many times, marketers don’t … Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking enable users to save links on the web for future reference. It is somewhat like creating bookmarks on the web browser, but instead of that, you save the links that you like on social bookmarking websites. This source … Continue reading

5 Copywriting Mistakes That Can Break Your Marketing Campaign

An ad copy can either make or break your business. Your marketing team demands a high-quality copy that can prove valuable for the business. With all the stress, you may end up doing some terrible mistakes that can cost your … Continue reading

Improving Your Blogging with These Helpful Tricks

A blog is not just a write-up but a content that speaks to your readers. It can be a personal space for communicating with your audience or a powerful marketing tool to drive business revenue. It may seem like a … Continue reading

Ways Marketers Can Run Ads on YouTube

YouTube is gaining more popularity than ever now. Who would have thought that a video streaming platform could do so much more than the average? People are making money through their YouTube channels and winning the Stardom all over. But … Continue reading

Reaching Your Audience through Bing Ads

When we talk about search engine advertisement, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. Google has successfully turned itself synonymous with ‘search engine’. If anyone has to search something over the Internet, they simply say ‘Google it’. … Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Outsource SEO Services

This sounds so common – to outsource SEO services – but no, seriously, I mean you should give it a second thought, about outsourcing the marketing services to experts. The ultimate goal of any business is to generate profits and … Continue reading

Does Website Speed Affect SEO Rankings?

Did you know that your customers expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds? If not, you are bound to receive high bounce rate and lower your website traffic. Google uses a number of factors to determine SEO … Continue reading

5 Tips to Reap More Revenue Out Of Your PPC Campaign

Paid marketing can be a nightmare if you don’t do it properly as you are investing in a lot and need to get sound return on your investment. Often people don’t understand where their money is exactly going because they … Continue reading

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