How to Do SEO for Voice Search

The latest voice technology such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana have changed the way we look for content digitally. We need to keep in mind that the digital domain is changing rapidly and the Internet users are adopting these … Continue reading

Social Media Calendar Is Vital For Business

If you manage your company’s or client’s social media profile then you know the amount of time and skills you have to invest in to generate appealing social media posts. Sometimes, you need to work to a deadline and this … Continue reading

Using LinkedIn for Generating Leads

LinkedIn is the best place to connect to a professional audience and build a better online community, especially for B2B industry. Secondly, it the best place to generate leads for your business. Unlike other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, … Continue reading

Some Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing

No matter the amount of effort you put in to rank your page higher in the search engine results, if you are not doing it right, your hard work won’t pay off. SEO is not easy and rankings can’t be … Continue reading

SEM and PPC are Two Different Marketing Terms

In the digital marketing world, SEM and SEO are the most discussed topic along with other marketing elements, but these concepts are sometimes misinterpreted to be the same thing. Although both are search engine services, there are some differences between … Continue reading

Outsourcing to Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is something that no business can overlook because, in this digitized world, the success of your business completely relies on your marketing strategies. However, as an entrepreneur, you may always be struggling between the dos and don’ts and finding … Continue reading

Building an Online Community for Social Engagement

If you already have an online business community then great, and if not, then you should better consider starting your community for maximizing business benefits. Online marketing is getting popular as ever and growing as a strong business promotional factor. … Continue reading

How to Get More Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is often underestimated and seen as a platform for beauty, wedding, and fashion related bloggers. However, there’s another side to this and as Neil Patel points out in one of his blogs that it is a search engine and … Continue reading

Tweet Smarter: Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

We tweet, regularly, daily, multiple posts a day, yet no engagement. What’s wrong? We often think that posting multiple times a day is enough to generate engagement and drive better results. But there’s a lot more than simply posting every … Continue reading

Running an Effective Google Adwords PPC Campaign

One of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience and grow your business is online advertising with Google Adwords. However, running a Google Adwords campaign can be a daunting task as there’s money involved and if anything … Continue reading

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