By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 8 October 2013

You will not find much of a change in the SEO, especially at the enterprise SEO level. Many businesses still invest the bulk of their marketing budget in paid media instead of organic search, considering that 75 percent of click-throughs come from organic results.

Organic SEO will show results with time and keep improving as time passes by whereas with paid results, you get the service only as long as you pay the rent. Paid search is a short-term outcome with few fringe benefits and should be used to simply bridge the visibility gap while they integrate lasting organic solutions, or to attain short-term marketing goals.

So what do C-suite executives need to know?

1. SEO is a continous, not a one time fix

All in-house teams should be on board, with a clear understanding of website’s goals and how achieving these goals apply to their specific department. Try to ensure that your SEO consultant or agency offers education across your internal departments as part of their services. This way the communication is clear and there are less obstacles.

Even in smaller organizations, this alignment is critical:

Social media community managers should understand SEO best-practices whereas the PR and content marketing should be on the same page. Who has ownership of website edits? Make sure they are well trained.

2. Change your belief

Every CEO, CMO, and CIO now understands the value of SEO and the critical role it plays, but very few realize how difficult it is today to actually gain and sustain tour reach. If the management does not comprehend modern SEO, process changes and the investment of enterprise-wide teams it impossible to get a high ranking. There is no quick fix solution to this.

It is not just about the agency or hiring more devlper, the entire team across the company has to participate. Marketing, IT, Sales, community managers, content writers, Customer Service—every department must be involved from the ground up, and SEO can’t be an afterthought.

3. Humans rule, spiders only crawl

Search actually revolves around what people want online and not just giving the search engines what they want. Social influence, conversations, sharing, and content show that people matter more than ever. If your content gives the people what they care about the most, your rankings will improve.

Same goes for social, make it fabulous and on-target, and watch your rankings naturally improve. It is important to focus equally on quality and tactics to gain lasting SEO results.

Lastly, you may confirm to technical search engine optimization practices, but having a good site with great content is what that differentiates you from competition.


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