By SiteEditor | Mobile Marketing | 12 March 2015

As you may aware that Google is soon to give preference to sites which are mobile friendly and it has also stated an advantage of better ranking for those on search engine result pages. The usage of mobile is constantly growing. By 2017, it is expected that mobiles and tablet users will engage in some kind of mobile commerce transactions. Google has agreed to meet the growing customer demand by stating company sites to be mobile compatible. The new feature will make it easy for people to perform searches on smartphones and delivering results in a format that supports mobile devices. It’s necessary for online retailers to adopt this feature soon and failure to keep up with the demand, retailers are expected to lose 50% of potential sales.

Begin With Smallest Screen

To begin with mobile friendly approach, you can start on smallest screen first. This will force you and your designer to work on a highly constrained environment. You can begin with three things:

  1. Important things you want your customers to notice
  2. Most important things you want customers to click
  3. Most important things for conversions

Once you have evaluated on the above points, you can then identify which information and features should be covered on the page.

Call to Action:

Call to action allows customer to respond immediately. On online shopping sites, “Add to cart” and “checkout” options should be prominently displayed on each page. The call to action should always stay open until customer takes action. A call to action serves three purpose: it provides focus to your site, a way to measure your site’s success and gives direction to users.

Simplify Navigation:

A simple navigation allows customer to get a clear view of your website. Assuming you’re an online clothing retailer, you can include women, men, children and accessories sections. The customer should experience should be visual and the information should be accessible whenever he/she searches for it. The main aim of simplifying navigation is saving your page from unnecessary clutter. You can simply add additional links in collapsed navigation menu so that only necessary links are available to users.

Make your Checkout Frictionless:

It is better to make checkout process less stressful for customers. You can improve checkout process by adding an auto-populate option function and eliminating some necessary fields. This will helps customers to exit the billing process easily and prevents chances of shipping errors that may occur because of typos.


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