By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 21 March 2013

There is always something going on the social media front among consumers and media. When a brand wants to create a presence on any social platform , what matters is the innovative ways they choose to use the tools. Given below are six new social platforms gaining traction with consumers.

1. Vine
Twitter has launched , a new mobile app, Vine which allows users to record six-second clips of looped video. The app is a rage with consumers and thus the brands cannot be left far behind. Urban Outfitters was the first brand to create a vine with a video of puppies. It represents opens new gateways for unique visual content and storytelling . Instead of investing in a longer commercial or opting for YouTube video, you can go with Vine.

2. The (New) Myspace
MySpace has reconstructed and transformed itself into an creative content outlet for music. Extensive library of songs and accessibility for consumers to connect with artists and brands, to discover and share music, photos and videos pretty much sums up Myspace. Marketers can create brand-related playlists, give users a behind-the-scenes look with photos and videos, and share exclusive content with fans that interact the most. It has currently integrated with Facebook and Twitter and plans to unite with Pinterest and Instagram soon.

3. Pheed.
This is the first pay-as-you-go social network. With its inception in fall of 2012, Pheed already has over a million users and is favored among artists, photographers, filmmakers, actors and teens alike. Pheed asks users to create their own channels, from which they can share text, photos, videos, audio and live broadcasts. It gives an option to charge for content, with the theory that this allows for higher quality content for those who are the popular on this platform. Celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus have already utilized this, but few brands are still a being a little stiff to join in yet. The bonus feature of this social network is that it permits loyal consumers to get exclusive access to their favourite brands or celebrities.

4. Snapchat
Mobile app Snap chat allows users to send photo messages that self-destruct after several seconds. It has proved incredibly popular with consumers, but does not seem to provide an opportunity for marketers. This way, the coupons could not be copied and circulated. While some marketers hesitate to jump fast into brand new platforms, Snapchat provides the perfect example that taking a risk in the spirit of innovative solutions can really pay off.

5. Thumb
Mobile apps, Thumb lets users simply upload a photo and ask fellow users to share their opinions on a specific topic — with a thumbs up or thumbs down. It could be apparels, your shoes, your favourite accessories, etc. It is only second in engagement after Facebook ad can be well utilized for brands too. Gain customer feedback by posing a question to users, or demonstrate thought leadership by offering your company’s expertise, then ask customers’ thumbs up or down.

6. Sina Weibo
It is one of the most popular sites in China. Sina Weibo is a microblogging site which resembles a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook. Similar to Twitter, Weibo allows users to create 140 character messages. Since a character can represent a word in Mandarin, users can create more detailed messages than they would be able to with a traditional tweet. Although it’s currently only available in simplified and traditional Chinese characters and has versions catering to users in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Weibo is being developed in English too. Brands can utilize Sina Weibo for promotions and take advantage of this hybrid platform that provides goodies from both-Facebook and Twitter.

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