By SiteEditor | Internet Marketing | 13 April 2013

Amongst all the buzz surrounding mobile, most sellers and buyers seem somewhat lack clarity about how they can make money from it. Here are a few suggestions and tips on how to launch a successful mobile campaign, focusing on what a marketer needs to perceive when it comes to mobile.

  1. Don’t use all buzzwords 24/7

    Don’t use all the bus words in the industry at once. You may sound intelligent but also complicated. is important for media providers to be clear that you want to target your campaign to the right properties and audience to meet your campaign needs.

  2. Hyper-local fad: Hyper-local is the most used words when it comes to mobile. Users are walking around with a device in their pocket at all times, often providing you with their precise location. However , a large portion of your audience have that device with them and it may not ensure precise location to be passed along to all their apps. Even if it were so, are you missing scale and reach? How many users are in that three-mile radius from your store and using their smartphone during your one-week promotional campaign? Going with a bigger local target and undertaking creative optimization may be a better option to meet your campaign goals.

  3. Don’t get distracted with fragmentation. It is true that there are a lot of differences that emerge dependent upon operating system, device model, app developer to app developer, etc. With so many mobile-focused companies out there mastering the fragmented marketplace, many have found ways to handle different sized screens. Publishers know their apps and how they behave on different devices, so it is important to work with them and give them enough quality assurance (QA) time before the launch of a campaign.

  4. Test campaign does not solve everything: .

    Mobile channels keep running mall test campaigns to try different strategies all at once. That won’t work. Use test campaigns to test out specific goals and learn about your audience.

  5. Be clear about your goal. Be clear about your goals and do not get lost mid way. This will help publishers and other media providers fulfill your IO and produce a campaign that is successful across the board, instead of just meeting impression goals.

  6. Optimize your website. Optimize you site for maximum visibility. Mobile presence is where opinions are formed and businesses made. So take advantage of this strategically.


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