By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 6 September 2013

Every good social strategy evolves with its audience. We often make these common errors without realizing where we are going wrong. We have listed the following 7 social media crimes:


Do not get desperate for engagement. Favourite flavour of cupcakes is appropriate for a Play it cool When a post is made by a brand, but the brand does not take the effort to re-engagement completely, you will never be on the mind of your consumers. To get success, create positive feelings that serve as a reference point for your brand when someone reaches across the aisle to pick up your product.

Short cut:

Brands are starting to post photos simply because they do not have time to create content and not because they are a part of tight content strategy. Stop the word searches and games, and start posting things that will inspire people. Do not ask people to simply like or comment unless you are planning to do something with those insights, such as creating new content. A mere word search is not going to improve the quality of consumer bonding anyway.


Did you know that you cannot use Instagram photos in advertisements without the express consent? Did you know that you cannot ask Facebook users to share a post as part of a contest entry? Know what is required to ensure a flawless campaign.


If you have followers who love football, create content that ignites their passion in a variety of ways. However, do not keep switching the team you mention. If you are running out of ideas, do dome research about what makes your fans tick.

Self love:

This one is a common one : make the logo bigger. You cannot have the logo to half of an image on your Instagram feed. Consumers do not want to feel that they are spamming their friends by sharing your content. Let the minimalistic factor remain.


Each platform has different strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is the go-to for second-screen activity whereas Facebook allows for the most data capturing when running sweepstakes. Instagram video and Vine video have different attributes. Harness the uniqueness of each platform. Do not cross-post the same thing every time; look at how you can leverage the uniqueness of the platform to create something new.


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