By SiteEditor | smo services in mumbai | 26 June 2015

Today, social media is not just appealing for B2C marketers even B2B marketers are smitten by its popularity. This is reflected in the increasing use of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, among others by consumers for purchasing any products/service. Many businesses now realize that social media optimization (SMO) is necessary to get better business results. There is a host of SMO services providers in Mumbai, which offer business-to-business social media marketing in an innovative way to boost sales. The primary goal of the marketing trend is building relationships with current, as well as potential customers. To achieve these results, here are few things every B2B marketer should do:

Monitor Competitors:

Like any other marketing activity, competitors have a significant role to play. It is important to be aware of what kind of content rivals are posting and what strategy they are using to create an impact. Keeping an eye on competitors should be just for reference. It will be worthless if you apply a similar technique to get traffic. Your strategy should be unique that makes your brand stand out from the rest. Another way to keep track on your competitors is to use Hootsuite’s social listening. B2b marketers can set up search streams, lists, and circles to know what your business rivals are doing and if there are any sales opportunity, which they’ve missed you can reap benefits from it.

Create Specific Goals:

When your business decide to go for Social Media Optimization services, it should be goal-based. You need to contemplate what objectives and goals your company wants to accomplish through this internet marketing campaign. Whether you need brand recognition or want to build loyal customers, whatever the purpose, it should align with your company marketing strategy.

Complete Business Profile:

Audiences tend to get attracted to a company page when the information in complete and accurate. It should contain essential details like brand’s name, brief about your business, address, what services/products you offer. Your profile page should be interactive and professional that should charm a user. Before making your profile page live, you should ask yourself whether the information given would actually persuade a visitor to avail your business offerings? In short, profiles should be consistent with the brand.

Define Target Audience:

Often, it is noticed that less experienced B2B marketers provide SMO services without identifying the target audience. For creating a content strategy, having a clear understanding of target audience is essential to ensure the success of your campaign. Understanding the mood of prospects is also crucial. You need to understand what content influences them and where to advertise the most i.e., social networking platform. Target audiences also have individual preferences in terms of content, like for some videos are an excellent choice, while for others it may be reading consumer success stories. When experts deal with social media optimization, they also need to understand that different messages/content should be made for distinct platforms depending on targeted audience and the platforms used by them.

Create Compelling Content:

Meaningful and unique content sells in social media marketing. It does not mean only text, you can also upload video, create blogs, publish photos and any other interesting content to attract visitors to your site. Since this is about content marketing, the goal should always be to educate buyers. Even of some bracket of visitors are not well versed with social media but if they find you are content exceptional this could be beneficial for your brand bringing sales opportunity. You can also encourage the company employees to share interesting business articles, or presentations that would be helpful for others.

Define Metrics For Measurement:

This is perhaps the most essential factor that shows the success of social media optimization. To evaluate the effectiveness of social media optimization campaigns, businesses should look number of followers on a month-on-month basis, the number of warm leads generated, likes for social posts, and CTRs. It would be correct to say that when it comes to social media marketing, experts find it tough to measure its impact since it is an inbound marketing.


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