Email Marketing Benefits for Small Business

By Admin | email marketing | 28 December 2017

Nowadays, when it comes to brand promotion all eyes are on social media, often neglecting a potentially strong digital tool, email marketing. Email marketing is one of the simplest and cost-effective approaches to reach your audience at a personal level – through their email inbox. According to Campaign Monitor’s research, for every dollar spent on email marketing, an average $44 ROI is realized.

Some consider email marketing to be an outdated technique for business advertisement, but the advantages it offers clearly show its true capabilities as a marketing medium. If you run a small business, here are some interesting benefits of email marketing that you must take into consideration.

It is economical

Small businesses, mostly promote their offerings through print media or social media, but complementing it with email marketing can be more beneficial for the business. Email marketing involves minimum expenditure, as it allows you to easily send across high-quality and creative promotional banners, known as emailers, to your database without heavy investment. To define the success rate of your email marketing campaign, you can track its performance and check the number of hits you receive through emailers.


When you launch an email campaign, you need to evaluate the response of your audience towards your campaign. Some may ignore it, others may check out your website, while many may unsubscribe. But it’s essential to keep a track on your campaign by measuring certain metrics such as bounce rate, unsubscribe, click through rates (CTRs) and open rates. These metrics provide you with some important data that enables you to accurately analyze your email campaign. High bounce rate indicates improvement in your email list, this means that you need to choose quality over quantity and reach your target audience.

Specifically targeted to your audience

The best part about email marketing is, it allows you to hit your target audience. Advertisements on other platforms may go unnoticed, but a personalized email delivered specifically to them is more likely to grab attention, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Brand awareness and credibility

For small businesses, email marketing is the best opportunity to create brand awareness, as it is the easiest and quickest source to promote your business. Organizations that seek to build credibility with their audience are more likely to benefit from this highly effective tool, as they can directly communicate with their audience and encourage them to buy their products/services.

We hope that the above discussion is enough to prove the potential of an e-mail marketing campaign. So, next time you design your marketing strategy, make sure to include email marketing in your list. Utilize digital resources properly and follow best e-mail marketing practices to attain desired results.


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