By SiteEditor | Internet Marketing | 2 April 2013

Still, consumers have more options with regard to brand messaging than ever before. YouTube’s TrueView unit tries to engage site users by affording them the ability to actively select the ad they like best, or skip it altogether. Advertisers only pay when the ad is viewed; YouTube says only about 10 percent skip on a regular basis, and that nine out of 10 users believe TrueView creates “a better video viewing environment.”

Technology like SkipIt, lets users skip over video ads for the cost of a dime at a time when they sign up for the service whereas Selectable Media introduced the first ad selector unit for mobile.

As consumers, you always have a choice. We choose our brands and products. We choose the sites we want to visit and whether or not to refer our friends to them. Sometimes we even choose our advertising. Site users however still do not have full control over their online ad experience. Many sites continue to force ads with little consideration for their consumer’s interests or needs.

YouTube’s TrueView unit tries to engage site users by providing them the option to actively select the ad they like best, or skip it altogether. Keeping ads that put a user in control is a effective solution. The consumers who do are interested in the ad will watch it or click. Using units that empower the consumer might leave them with a favorable impression of your brand. It shows that you care and are willing to give them a choice.

So what do you do to ensure a positive user experience overall?

Choose to connect

The best strategy is to make the ads highly intereactive. I know you may hav heard this one a lot of times. Video technology company, blurbIQ released solutions that include an ad that allows consumers to choose their video asset, and another that enables a skip if the user answers a brief survey. They have also offered quite a few other options built similarly along the idea of giving consumer the choice. Brands can offer consumers a choice between watching an interactive video or a more standard stream, or they can use a call-to-action overlay to enable a product purchase. Consumers show more interest in relevant ads if they are given a choice. Studies show that when consumers engage in video messaging they are more likely to remember the brand message at the point of purchase.

Prep for a skip

Knowing that consumers have the option to skip an ad requires a customized and more assertive approach to developing creative. To ensure brand recall, advertisers should be sure to include brand cues within the first five seconds of their video ads to take advantage of the “free impression” that exists before the user watches his.her choice of video. YouTube’s users say humor, music, and telling them something new about your brand tend to make an impact. Using companion ads that will stay visible even if a user skips is another failsafe technique.



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