By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 11 June 2017

No matter for how long you’ve been into the SEO domain, you are or were probably surrounded by these myths. Some may have blindly trusted the half-truth and lived with the misconceptions while others were smart enough to do the SEO the right way.

SEO is not dependent on one single element but is composed of several small stuff that makes it big and successful. You need to get everything done correctly to improve your website’s search engine ranking. The myths and confusion has done nothing productive but only affected your SEO strategy. It’s high time you get things right. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and most common SEO myths.

Myth #1

SEO Is Dead

SEO is not dead, it is just that a lot of things have changed from the past and new updates have come in the scenario that marketers need to consider. Yea, you can say that traditional SEO is dead. With Google updating its algorithm and bringing in new techniques, the SEO domain will surely change. And why not? The technology is evolving and we as marketers need to match pace and adopt new approaches to survive in this competitive market. SEO is and will remain a powerful marketing source and you need to keep up if you want to take your business to new heights in the digital world.

Myth #2

SEO Is All About Keywords

Well, there was a time when keyword used to be a large ranking parameter, but like I mentioned, things have changed and this method is no longer the heart and soul of SEO. Although it is still an important part of SEO as you can’t go ahead without it, you need to use the ideal technique to do it. Previously, marketers stuffed their content and website with keywords in high-density, which at some point in time was useful, but now, it has all gone. You need to focus on relevant keywords and use it sufficiently and in a right way. That means not stuffing but creating something meaningful.

Myth #3

Social Media Has Nothing To Do With SEO Rankings

Social media has a lot to do with SEO rankings. It’s 2017, the era where social media platforms are used massively. With so many new ideas and marketing tactics that these social channels are offering, enterprises can give a big boost to their business in terms of sales and revenue. It helps you generate website traffic, build customer and increase visibility in the digital domain. Besides, as your social presence keeps increasing, this can be an advantage as you may get discovered and indexed in the search engine. Not that social media can completely help enhance your SEO, but social presence can be an added value for your business, especially if you are an E-commerce enterprise.

Myth #4

Content Is Everything

We have heard the most common phrase about SEO that ‘Content is King.’ It is sort of but not entirely. It was always a perception that adding unique, creative and high-quality content on website should be enough to reap the benefits of SEO. But that’s not literally true. Publishing good content isn’t the only thing that’s going to help your SEO rankings especially in this extremely competitive industry.


Images And Videos Are Useless

In which age are we living in to believe that images and video don’t matter anymore? Users are more attracted to images and interesting videos and you need to entice your visitors with engaging creative. No one wants to be bombarded with the web pages containing only plain text. Images and videos can keep your visitors glued to your website that can help decrease bounce rate and increase traffic rate. Although search engine crawlers are unable to see what’s in the image, they crawl the image HTML you provide in the backend. Optimize your web pages by using the right alternative tags, precise filenames and potential keywords.


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