By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 9 March 2015

Social media marketing is about increasing your website traffic on social networking sites. If done right, social media marketing can be a big game changer.

However, more marketers and brands are still struggling to use social media effectively. This shows that these experts are uninformed about the latest social media strategies or blindly following the techniques which won’t yield any productive results. Such marketers fail to take advantage of the the biggest revolution in communications.

Attracting the attention of your target audience through social media is an incredible way to engage with them and build loyal followers. The only reason why some people misuse this medium is either they make false assumptions or they are inexperienced to run a successful social media program.

Are you making these same mistakes? Are you doing it all wrong despite your very best intentions? You most certainly are if anything that follows sounds even remotely familiar.

Don’t have a plan.

Often, social marketers do have a plan to launch a campaign. This creates confusion. A proper strategic approach is necessary to create decent amount of followers. Take pause prior to the launch of account, map out the route which you’re going to take on social media. The most basic component is identifying your target audience, your competitors, setting goals, choosing your tools and then developing the content. Then act accordingly.

You’re not a writer.

Many social media posts fail to attract attention due to lack of quality content. Even if your post is of 140 characters, it should use punctuation, grammar, and word play. You’re misusing this medium if your content lacks quality. You need to think like a good journalist or copywriter. If you cannot give proper content, then it is better to hire one.

Not posting in real-time.

The most interesting fact about social media marketing is its real time nature, it lets you to connect with another user instantly. Facebook allows you to schedule your posts for some time, while Twitter has recently announced addition of scheduled tweets as significant proof of the necessity of post scheduling. You will create greater influence on you followers once you start sharing news and commentary on an occasional basis.

Not sharing any pictures.

Visual content plays a huge role in social media marketing. It gives you the needed attention. You can share anything from stock images to candid shots or may be something trending on Instagram or Vine. You social media post should complement with the picture in any way, shape, or form. In a way it should be unique.

Working alone won’t do any good

Doing a solo job on social media marketing campaign means managing the work writer, designer, branding and PR. Many successful social media campaigns are collective result performed by a team. You may think of handling all the duties all alone but implementing is not an easy job. You’ll make a much bigger impact if you divide and conquer as is hiring experienced writers, marketers, designers and branding personnels.

Social media marketing is all about being social. It’s one of the most cost effective and the easiest way to attract attention but this can only happen if you stop misusing its marketing tactics. Great social media campaigns and strategy help you be in the right places at the right times.


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