By SiteEditor | social media optimization | 28 April 2015

Does your website feature business blog section? Business blogs play a big role in giving a boost to your site in terms of ranking and driving traffic to your site. Blog posts help to keep your website updated and fresh. However, you cannot draw visitors attention overnight, your posts need to have a catchy title and it should relate to the audience who would be interested in reading the content. To make your blog noticed, you need to use various tactics to promote it. One of the best way to promote blogs is using social media. It has become a craze among businesses too, let alone the younger crowd. It’s the most inexpensive way to attract new customers, to encourage product popularity, sustain a relationship with existing customers and improves brand awareness. Business blogs are a way to make sure your website receives required attention. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine and LinkedIn. If you happen to get less click through, then you definitely need a content marketing strategy to promote it social networking sites.

Create profiles on social networking sites:

If your readers are not visiting your sites, then you must go to them. Begin your social marketing strategy by setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, others. Start making friendships and join communities to make your network stronger. Make sure that your company profile includes complete, relevant and factual information. This should all be promotional since you are here to attract the crowd. Blogs can be posted at any time. As compared to Facebook, you will expect less traffic and more visitors coming from Twitter, which is considered a micro-blogging network. Keep on using promotional tweets for your blog to make your blog post appealing to readers. Tumblr is also a great network for blog promotion, but it help only when you create significant followers. Your blog can also benefit in terms of ranking when you feature it on Google+ page.

Integrate your blog posts with social media:

Once you’re ready with social profile, you can now start incorporating your blog posts with social media sites. Before publishing, think of a title which is attractive and will be liked by visitors. Make it visually appealing by attaching an image and upload. The blog posted on a social media page should only include a short description along with the link that directly takes the reader to the website.

Schedule your blog post:

Maintain consistency for blog posting on social media sites. There is no need to publish blogs every day as you can do it twice in a week. But, you need to ensure that the page remains active. There are various social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, that will help you schedule your posts better. You can choose the best user time activity of Twitter and Facebook so that you can get maximum attention during those hours.

Post same blog on all social sites:

You don’t need to be afraid of posting the same content multiple times on social media sites. You can also share the same blog post on different networking sites so that you target audience have an opportunity to read the content and it reaches maximum users. You can also generate interest from users by asking them interesting questions to promote engagement.

Pay for likes & follows:

This has become a mainstream activity in social media marketing. Paying to get maximum likes and followers has now become a norm with increasing competition among businesses to attract more customers. Most companies opt for this method when they see a decrease in organic traffic and when content doesn’t reach audience.

To get your business blog promoted, social media optimization is considered one of the most powerful tools to generate traffic, leads and sales. If you own a business blog, it’s time to make it noticed.


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