How To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

By Admin | Social Media | 30 December 2017

Pinterest is a sought-after social media platform that is used by users as a visual search tool to discover, share, and save images as well as other media content, widely known as ‘pins’. By and large, Pinterest is far different from other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Its users love interacting with superior quality visual content to look for things to do or businesses to shop from. You can use socially popular Pinterest to market your product and services in startling creative ways to penetrate market, boost brand and harvest revenues.

Be imaginative, selective and intentional in your business pins to hook audience and generate potential traffic. You can use Pinterest as a part of your social media strategy, following are some ways in which Pinterest can help your business in enhancing web traffic.

1. Tune your pins
As Pinterest is a visual medium, use high quality, bright, vibrant and crisp images in your pins to catch more eyes. You can also use infograpics to promote your products/services. Try to market your offering in popular pinterest categories for accelerated response.

2. Boost exposure
Try to expose more and more people to your pins by posting pins during the most active hours of Pinterest. You can also add value to your pins by using keywords in title, description and images. Share your pins on other social media platforms and e-mailers. To initiate a response you can add a call-to-pin with pin description.

3. Engage actively
Engage actively with your followers and influencers, respond to their comments and invite them to pin on your boards. You can also follow popular boards related to your products/services and comment on them.

4. Pro at promotion
Promote your brand with rich pins because they have an added feature of showing extra information about the pinner like site link, price, etc. making shopping for your brand easier. Try to use diverse content in pins to keep the browsers interested and show most popular boards on top of your pinterest user page.

5. Analyze and act
Use Pinterest analytics to know which type of visual communication performs better on pinterest, so that you can modify and improve your Pinterest activities over time. You can extract details about the demographics, likes and interests of people who interact with your Pins, so as to upgrade your pinterest marketing strategy to book right audience.

6. Advertise on Pinterest
Promoted pins help you in getting more exposure by paying for it. Your general pins will do their work, but for immediate results and to reach more targeted prospects try Pinterest advertising.

In the end, it will not be wrong to state that Pinterest has plenteous potential to amplify your business performance on the web space. A well planned Pinterest strategy will compliment your social media strategy to increase your web & app traffic and seal overall marketing objectives. Pins are visually hefty and appealing, they promote, engage and inform prospects simultaneously. Thus, enabling businesses to get more traffic through direct visits and pin referrals.

A business that pins is a business that wins!


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