By SiteEditor | pay per click | 29 April 2013

Active View is receiving accreditation from the Media Rating Council. Google released new data highlighting CTRs of display ads based on viewability metrics. According to their findings, users are up to 21 times more likely to click on a viewable ad.
The viewability metric measures the percentage of an ad that is viewable on screen and the length of time the ad is displayed. Atleast 50 percent of the ad must be viewable on screen for one second or longer to meet the IAB‘s standard for viewable impressions.

After comparing the ads by the number of seconds they were displayed on screen. Google not only found the the users are more likely to click on viewable ads, but also that the viewability metrics can identify below-the-fold areas that result in higher CTRs, providing publishers with more substantial below-the-fold advertising opportunities.

Google also determined a correlation between CTRs and the length of time an ad is displayed, with a 125 percent increase in CTRs when an ad was viewed for more than 20 seconds. The general assumption is that viewable ads result in more successful campaigns and Google’s data backs up these assumptions.

“We are very pleased that Google has achieved accreditation for its Active View product” said George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director of the Media Rating Council.  “Viewable impressions are an important foundational improvement in digital measurement and an important step toward comparability with other electronic media.”

According to the findings:

Users are more likely to click on viewable ads — up to 21 times more.
Viewability can help publishers discover “gold below the fold,” with CTR doubling, on average, for below-the-fold inventory. On average, the found that CTR is comparable for viewable above-the-fold and viewable below-the-fold inventory.
The longer users view an ad, the bigger the boost for click-through rates (they saw up to a 125% increase when an ad was viewed for more than 20 seconds).

Google believes that with this accreditation they can set a benchmark and create a revolution where people will be able to enjoy great content, brands will connect with their customers and content creators in a much better way.
Google’s MRC accreditation, was based on a thorough assessment of a number of factors, including the detection process, quality control and delivery standards.


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