By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 30 July 2015

Do you remember when was the last time Google released Panda update? It was then in 25th September 2014 that Panda 4.1 was rolled out. Now the search engine has finally started rolling out its next iteration of search results ranking algorithm, Panda 4.2 almost after 10 months. The algorithm focuses on quality content that may either increase or decrease a website’s ranking randomly.

Although, the new update is yet to roll out completely in the coming months but as of now it affects only 2%-3% of search queries in English. Since only small percentage of queries being affected, many experts are of the opinion that those sites that have more chances of getting slapped with Panda penalties would remain unaffected due to this update.

The speculation in the internet community is rife that Panda 4.2 will directly affect website rankings. But, some questions remain still unanswered, especially for marketers, SEOs, and webmasters.

  1. What does the latest update have in store for internet community?
  2. How will it affect you site’s ranking?
  3. What kind of content should you keep on a website?

The complete launch of Panda 4.2 will take several months, as suggested by sources, we take you through some of the implication the new update will have on our website.

One of the good things about Panda 4.2 is if your website has been penalized by Google for any reason, your site now has another chance to improve on the weak points and do the necessary changes to get rankings back to normal on search engines. However, the time required to get rankings back won’t get reflected instantly, rather it would happen gradually.

These are the sites that were affected by the previous Panda 4.1 version that penalized sites for low-quality content. However, since then the penalized sites have been waiting to get recovered. The update was created with the intention of enabling small sites to rank better on search engines.

The Panda 4.2 would definitely affect sites in a positive way if the websites have unique and quality content and regularly keep on updating. It will also benefit sites that were affected by previous Panda version and have changed the content.

The Panda 4.2 will indeed create impact a site’s ranking adversely if it features duplicate or spammy content, as well as those which have been punished by Google’s last update but haven’t yet made changes.

To reiterate the point, Google has yet not confirmed how much time will take for the algorithm to come into effect completely nor it has ascertained the actual impact of Panda 4.2 on websites. Moreover, with the mystery surrounding the latest versions, we just hope that business owners, marketers and webmasters get to understand how it will impact existing websites and Search engine optimization efforts.

Meanwhile, webmasters for web copywriting services and online content developers are ready to welcome Panda 4.2 and further updates to enhances search ranking and content optimization efforts.



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