By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 3 October 2013

We are back with the oldest cliché again, ‘SEO is dead’. As Google is bringing out its latest release, people have already started with the ‘SEO is Dead’ slogans. You will find lots of online wars on this topic, with people arguing on both sides.

If you change the title tag on your homepage to cause your website to rank better on Google, you are doing SEO. If you add a blog to your website because you heard Google likes your content, and if you blog every week because to get your website ranking higher for more terms, you are doing SEO.

SEO is dead.

SEO Graphic by SEO Book

 SEO is very basic when you get to know it.

Do off-page efforts count as SEO? Yes, these days it is a part and parcel of the process of getting your website ranked. This includes the process of getting backlinks.

Spamming (comments and content) may be involved or “article marketing” which is a lesser form of spam. Although this is valid, it is not a very effective way to get your sites ranked. Although Google has tried to make a frail attempt at to clean out these duplicate content.

A lot of this has not changed much since the inception of SEO. For instance, if people need exact numbers (“how many links does it take?”), will give up long before they see results for their efforts. Where do these quitters go ?

People flock to social media. Why So? Because it is easy and cheap. It is easy to post on social networks. If your content is original but no one can find it, you fail and if you optimize SEO, but your content lacks luster, you also fail. You need to build content with the help of SEO.

SEO will never die, its just evolving. The reason behind it is that if there are organic results, SEO cannot cast blame outwardly. If people wanted to discard SEO they would have done it long time back. If they felt they were just seeing ads on search engines, they would have done their queries elsewhere. In short, SEO Services is just transforming. It is not dead.


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