By SiteEditor | social media optimization | 21 June 2017

Instagram is completely centered at sharing photos and short videos and it is initiating new features of sharing pictures such as filters, stickers, boomerang, etc. Currently, the photo sharing app has over 700 million users with less competition and more engagement than other social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

With that statistics, Instagram is surely an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services, but they need to keep one thing is mind that this social platform is completely different from other social profiles and thus, need to build a different strategy. Use these tips to market your business on Instagram.

Promote Your Post Creatively

Like I said, Instagram is majorly an image sharing platform and you need to be as much creative as possible. A simple post with some promotional tagline won’t work. It’s all about how visually attractive you make your post on Instagram.

Expand Your Reach With Mentions And Hashtags

Instagram stands as a strongest social media platform for highlighting collaborators and sharing some valuable success stories. Mentions are going to get you more engagement than hashtags because mentions get noticed more by people than hashtags.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a direct competitor to Snapchat’s stories feature and this feature alone can prove significantly beneficial for your business. These are small slideshow that appears on top of the home page and lasts for 24 hours. In your story, you can capture videos and images in real-time through the app camera and you can share it directly. These posts don’t have to be high in quality like the regular posts. Plus, you can make your image or videos more interesting and attractive by using the on-the-go edits such as filters and stickers. You can also tag your collaborator with a mention like @xyz and adding location for better marketing.

Instagram stories is ideal for sharing behind-the-scenes that will let your followers know more about you. Although this isn’t as useful for marketers, you can still figure out a strategy to make the best out of it.

Sponsor Ads

Like every other platform, you can sponsor your ads on Instagram as well. Your drive CTRs and conversion rates through visual content. Instagram lets you choose from its range of advert options such as video adverts, stories adverts, and carousel adverts and photo adverts, enabling you to promote your business in different ways.

Use Live Video Feature

With the live video feature, you can connect with your audience in real-time. Events, backstage or just a random shot, you can share anything you want and engage with your followers at a personal level. Like you can capture your new event or employees working at the office.

Use Boomerang

This one is my personal favorite. I really like the mini videos that loop back and forth and gives a different perspective to the video. It makes it funnier and more engaging. If you have used Instagram, you must have surely seen this Boomerang feature. Although this is not entirely focused at improving business revenue, it can help you increase engagement.

Stay Updated

Your followers want to know what you do, what you’re up to, about your next launch, and so on and you have to keep them updated. Make sure to post on a daily basis so your audience get to know more about you and this could potentially lead to conversion.


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