By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 13 June 2017

SEO is huge and there’s so many things that contribute in boosting your SEO rankings and SSL is one of them. Security is a major concern and we live in a digitized world where people largely share their personal data through the Internet for varied reasons that makes it even essential to secure the networks with strong security solutions.

And ever since Google announced HTTPS as a ranking parameter, organizations started taking this element very seriously. But what exactly is HTTPS and SSL?


HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure that ensures secure connection between user and the website. SSL is a protocol that HTTPS uses and you’ll have to get the SSL certificate installed to implement the security measure.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that is an added layer of security to a website. While browsing over the Internet, you must have seen some websites with a green padlock icon at the beginning of the web address bar. That green lock icon is nothing but an assurance that the data and information you provide on the website will be safe and secure and will not be shared with any third-party or intruder. The website connection between the browser and the server is protected through authentication and encryption.

When you visit any website, make sure it is secure so that the information you share through the website is not compromised. You can ensure that by checking if the web address begins with HTTPS and it has the green padlock icon; you can click on it and check if the website is valid and secure. If it is secure, Google will show a green light and if not, it will alert you with a warning message that the site is insecure.


In 2014, Google announced that websites with SSL certificate is at an edge for better SEO rankings. Although it offered only a small benefit to the online business, it was enough to drive many to adopt the SSL certificates for their websites.

You may have often seen a message displayed on your screen when you visit a website like ‘Your connection is not private’ that goes on to tell you that attackers may try to steal your data. With that alert, anyone will think twice before proceeding, which will affect the traffic rate and your business growth. This is Google’s new tactic to get more websites to adopt the security solution and provide users with a safe online experience.

Besides, an SSL certificate on your websites adds value to your brand and helps build trust with your customers that will essentially lead to better brand exposure and ultimately, sales revenue.

Whatever it be, security should be seen as an investment that not only benefits your business but your customers, too.


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