By SiteEditor | content writing | 7 June 2017

Being a content marketer, you may at a times get completely clueless on what to write now. Creating quality content for a website isn’t easy, especially when you have to make it more readable, friendly, engaging and unique. The content marketing mantra here is simple – it needs to help improve SEO ranking and drive traffic to websites. Content marketing is one of the major SEO ranking parameters and a website with good content is more likely to gain better visibility in the search engine.

Your content needs to be unique and original and by that I mean not copying from another site and re-posting, making some minor modification to other blog post or rewriting the same concepts over and over again. This will only affect your SEO bottom line.

So you can either take a shortcut and create a poorly written content or you can put in some efforts and create a post that can grab the attention of your audience.

With some helpful tips here, you can cut the stress and pull it off.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming before writing can help you develop new ideas to write a particular content. Brainstorming usually happens with a team but you can apply this technique as a sole content creator. The purpose behind this is to put new ideas on the table that can give you a kick-start for writing the content.

Know Your Audience

The best way to understand your target audience is to get into their shoes and think like them. What would you expect in a content if you were a customer? Mostly, readers are bombarded with promotional contents and advertisements, which sometimes can be really irritating. But if you ensure to subtly promote your brand with the right content, you can convert them into leads.

Plan Ahead

Nothing is worse than writing on a topic you barely know about. If you start your work on something and don’t know what exactly to write, then you’re wasting a lot of time, and it’s going to be even worse if you have a deadline to achieve. It’s always better to plan ahead and know what you’ll be writing. You can avoid this problem by frequently going through a lot of sources for ideas. Make a list of topics that you’d be writing on and study all of them beforehand to effectively manage your time.

Write Ahead

Deadlines can be debilitating. Due to time pressure, you may not be able to produce quality content. The key to publishing a quality content is reviewing it over and over again. If you are writing the same day and publishing it immediately that means you’re not giving your best because you’re publishing your first draft, also known as a rough draft. When you have enough time, you can save that draft and then review it again the next day that gives you chance to identify mistakes or weak areas, so you can touch-up your content and improve it.


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