How to Do SEO for Voice Search

By Admin | search engine optimization | 10 August 2017

The latest voice technology such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana have changed the way we look for content digitally. We need to keep in mind that the digital domain is changing rapidly and the Internet users are adopting these new techniques. Given that voice search is the new trend, SEO needs to match pace with the latest trends and stay updated.

As the use of voice search has increased significantly, it’s important that marketers look into this and optimize their SEO as well. This means that marketers will have to focus on different strategies now as these new voice programs will try to respond to human voices and search query could be anything. Thus, you need to set your SEO objectives based on the new trends.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to focus more on.

Long-tail keywords

Not that short-tail keywords will no longer work but that you’ll have to focus a bit more on long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords will be less relevant because we will be considering natural phrases and thus, need to focus on conversation, long-tail keywords.

Question phrases

If there’s a query, users will surely use a question such as “which is the best restaurant around me.” Besides, a research from Search Engine Land stated that there’s been a 61% growth in question phrases so this show how much marketers need to work on this to improve their SEO.

Microdata optimization

Make sure to optimize your microdata such as directions to bricks and mortar locations. Also, ensure that XML sitemaps are readable to visitors as well as search engines since mobile users and voice searches are more likely to look out for such stuff.

Keyword research on conversational queries

Some keyword research tools will allow you to autocomplete your search queries. This will help you know what kind of queries are most searched for. Make sure you do your keyword research to optimize your website for conversational queries.

Voice search is on a major rise and this trend is only going to grow more. Every marketer must ensure to stay updated with these trends and start optimizing for voice searches as well.


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