By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 28 December 2013

Before the people speak to the sales person, buyers have already made up their mid regarding the brand by previewing online reviews, blogs, social media, etc about the product. Social selling is a good way to engage in a two way conversation with customers and potential customers.

Adding the element of social selling to your marketing mix might seem like a daunting task, but think about it that way how will you attract and retain customers?

With the appropriate strategy and a smart approach, companies of any size can harness the power of social selling to boost sales

Here’s how you do it:

1. One pointedness:
You cannot be there everywhere at one time, and you should not even try to do so. Choose your social networks and target the ones your customers use frequently. Find out your preferred social network based on which group your target audience belongs to and what their profile looks like.

You can use Google or LinkedIn to manually search, but for a target customers base manual analysis may not advisable or feasible. Social lead targeting tools can automate the process by identifying your ideal buyer profile, and then providing suggestions to the social networks and groups.

How do you find the best social network for you? Find out more about your best current customers: their social presence, the topics they like, and common threads they follow. You can also watch how they describe their skills or job roles online.

2. Listen:
Social selling is a little different from other forms of marketing. It requires a two-way conversation, which begins with listening. Engage your target customers by following conversations, identifying challenges among your target audience, and observing how they interact with one another. Which are the topics that get most attention? Does you audience prefer to respond to questions, participate in surveys, or share their opinions freely?

Find out who are most active and opinion leaders among their peer groups. Engaging these people as advocates for your product or brand can dramatically magnify the effect of your message.

3. Consistent Approach:
Social Media put a face to your brand and adds personality to your brand. However, the message should remain consistent and the voice should be of someone you know and trust. Provide information and at the same time be creative. Do not put customers off by giving them something that dos not fir their expectations.

4. Watch your words:
Social lead targeting solutions can also help by surfacing current contact details that help you to connect with prime targets the “old fashioned way” (via email or phone). Use the context you discovered online to break the ice or introduce yourself.

Do not offer something that rubs of as a direct sales pitch. Gain the trust of your group first as many users view the network as their personal space, which you are privileged to join. Do not lose this trust over a sales pitch. Instead, provide suggestions, educational tips that are much beyond pure product sales. After establishing the trust, you can connect with customers on a shared ground, such as a common issue or concern.

5. Much more than sales:
Your responsibility is not over once the sale is made. It is after the sale that social selling process can really reward. With ongoing conversation, constant support and helpful hints you can build an army of loyal brand advocates.


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