By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 11 May 2013

For any local business to increase their visibility on search engines like ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ etc is quite a challenge. For increased visibility, one needs to rank higher, for which your web site needs to be Search Engine Optimized. SEO includes a lot of stuff which in the ends gets more traffic to your website. There is “On-page Optimization” which includes, Domain Name, Page URL, Page Title, META Tags, Header Tags, Descriptive and relevant content etc. There is Off-page Optimization which includes, Directory Submission, Classified submission, Social Bookmarking & Social Media, Article submission services, Blog creation & Posting, Link Building etc.

Suppose you are a local moving company in Australia. Based on this you can get a fair idea of what your potential customer is giong to search for. The words he is going to type in the search box are going to be your ‘keywords’. These are the words you need to target in order to increase your visibility so as to attract more and more traffic. ‘Keywords’ are something which you need to target as your target audience is giong to search for the same words. List of keywords for you would be:

Interstate removalist
Canberra removals
Canbera removalists
Melbourne removalists
Sydney removalist
Brisbane removals
Brisbane removalists
Perth removalists   
Moving house
Cheap removalists

These are just some keywords. There will be many more. You need to choose which keywords are going to be preferred by people. The key here is to think like the person searching and not what you think can be the keyword. You should put yourself in his shoes and think, for example, would he prefer “removalist” or “removals”. Based on this you target the keywords. Also, make use of keyword tools for better understanding of which keyword is searched for the most. Tools like Google Keyword Tool and Keyword Spy can help a lot. 



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