By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 28 March 2013

optimized videoYou will get a drastic differences in search results on Google when you host videos for your company videos on your brand’s website and when you upload it on YouTube. Each platforms has its own perks. Google’s diverse search landscape contains several different search algorithms, including Google Search, Google Video Search, and YouTube.
To gain high video views and online visibility, upload your video on YouTube. Consider a triple play ie host host your video on your website, on YouTube, and embed the YouTube video on your brand’s website as well to achieve strong ranking on
Your credentials on Google search will increase if your video is of high quality, rich in content, self-hosted and relevant to viewers and key phrases.

Some Tips:

1. Not only high quality videos but videos with rich content wows your viewers, encourages longer page visits, and becomes a linkable or shareable asset to your brand (depending on your audience).

2.Always, the first 48 hours are crucial to your ranking success. Engagement metrics such as views, comments, likes, searches, shares, and even press coverage create cross-channel buzz, video virality, and search virility

3.Video increases time spent on pages which can pump up your analytics and besides, people prefer videos over reading . Research shows that viewers are 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy after watching a product videos

4. Embedded video links create more relevance about your site to users. Video is now used by 70 percent of B2B marketers as an inbound marketing tool according to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report.

5. Self-host your video on highly optimized landing pages.We recommend you:
Use only HTML-based templates – avoid Flash unless the page is iPad-compatible and has a video thumbnail image.
Host only one video per landing page and optimize it a lot
Use Unique, short, keyword-rich URLs; target key phrase in title; no iFrames; analytic tracking enabled; sharing widgets utilized; cross-channel promotion; proper meta data.
Not everyone consumes web video with the equal enthusiasm, so the more text, images, and diverse media on a page, the better it will appear to both the algorithms and potential viewers/customers.
Grab Google’s attention with positive keyword intent by using informational keywords (not transactional) to get more visibility.

6. Submit a video sitemap. Provide an original title, description, embed location, thumbnail, and content location for each video on your site. Remember to match the keyword phrase and description with the content location for each video on your site.

7. Get a rich snippet in organic search through video microdata. Your snippet will come up as a hit if you mark up the page with proper video microdata from and/or video schema providers. Video tagging must be highly relevant for the entered key phrases and thumbnails.

8. The term and practice of social search marketing has emeged. Sharing is the fastest way to reach and establish site athority. Ultimately weather its via a bot or person, this is all that matters, coupled with awesome content. In January 2013, Facebook streamed more than 425 million videos, according to comScore.

9. Add the date and location of a video wherever needed as Search engines reward recency. If you are a local business, local searchers will find you in priority over non-local businesses.

10. After your video has run for a few weeks, or even a month or two, the initial buzz will die down. When this happens, return to your video and edit your “People” headline to be more search engine friendly

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