By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 20 June 2017

A blog is not just a write-up but a content that speaks to your readers. It can be a personal space for communicating with your audience or a powerful marketing tool to drive business revenue. It may seem like a cakewalk to write a blog but it isn’t and you’ll understand that pretty much clearly once you get started with it.

Blogging isn’t simply about writing a post as you need to convey your message properly and grab the attention of your audience. This is going to be even trickier if you are writing for business purpose such as SEO blogs. Let’s take a look at some tips that you can use to improve blogging.

Make It Visually Attractive

Plain text on a website won’t bring in more readers as it looks quite dull and will make your visitors never want to come back again, let alone reading your content. This will directly impact your website traffic and bounce rate. Consider making your blog site more interesting by adding some images and using different font size and styles. This will make your content visually attractive and increase the chances of conversion.

Don’t Copy

Keep it original, keep it unique. Duplicate content not only puts a bad impression but affects your business as well. Not only users but even Google doesn’t like plagiarized content, which can influence your SEO rankings. Apart from that, you may get penalized for violating copyright rules. Thus, it is always best to create your own content rather than picking up stuffs.

Don’t Just Go On Writing

You have a story to convey, so make it beautiful and appealing. You need to develop content that can intrigue your readers and keep them glued to your post and make them want to come back for more stuff.

Update Your Blog Site

Don’t stick to the outdated techniques of publishing your blogs through a WordPress site or some free blogging site. If you really want to create your personality as a blogger then you’ll have to stay updated with the latest technology trends. For instance, you can go for vlogging, which is video blogging, a newest way to communicate with your followers. Plus, make sure to keep your blogs updated as it will be an advantage for you in terms of Google ranking.

Use Social Media

Don’t forget social media. Post your blogs on every social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. as it will give more exposure to your blogs. We spend so much time on social media scrolling, sharing, liking, commenting so make sure to make your blog interesting enough to make your readers share it. You may be writing a good blog but you need to market it effectively.


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