By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 22 March 2013

If you are bogged down with coming up with new content for your website each week, why not give podcasting a try? Check out these latest podcast platforms and decide which one works for you the best.

Spreaker enables users to create podcasts of up to 30 minutes in length for free. Whether your listeners are consuming your podcasts or not, keep your content to the minimum. Users can embed Spreaker widgets directly onto their website or blog or can share their podcasts on social media sites like Facebook. In order to support their freemium model, Spreaker come with advertising embedded, although this maybe a small price to pay if you see the bigger picture.

If you are searching for voice for your podcast, Voicebunny is the right option. Users can get in touch with the voice talent by uploading the content they want voiced. The artists can then submit demonstration voiceovers in response to client requests. The entire cycle is completed when the artist is selected. It charges $9.95 per article. The podcast can then be distributed via social media channels or embedded directly onto the company website.

SoundGecko can convert website urls into voice recordings. Users can convert up to 4000 words per month for free, whereas the paid plans allow users to convert up to 30,000 words per month. It handles the voice conversion and then emails the end user an audio file. These files can later be shared via social media or downloaded directly to a user’s digital device. The only tiny drawback is that the free version sounds a bit computer generated. The users to pick their voice of choice with the paid versions of SoundGecko.

Hublished enables companies to create hubs of audio content for their peers. It helps brands to build a crowd of engaged listeners, pertaining to their own niche. The listeners can rate the content in order to categorize their favorites. Listeners can curate Published content into their own hubs and share their favorites with their social media networks. It is a great option for experts looking to expand their business.

Other 3 Podcasts worth trying,, and are other handy options to check out. They are not new to the podacasting arena and provide plenty of options for content creators desiring to make the most of their creativity.

Do you podcast? What tools do you use? Share below


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