By SiteEditor | Mobile App Marketing | 22 September 2014

There are millions of mobile applications on Android, iOS, Windows etc but it takes a lot of effort to make your app stand out among so many competitors. The day your business decides to produce an app, marketing begins from that moment before its launch into the market. You really need a strong marketing strategy to make get your noticed and achieve success. So what can you do to market your app and ensure that it is utilized by users? Mobile app marketing helps your apps to make grand presence on app stores. A brief explanation will let you know why mobile app marketing is helpful for your business.

Why Businesses Go for Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is offered to any business, which seeks to promote its app. Businesses which are looking to make presence and internet connect with audience can look up to this kind of marketing. One of the reasons can be the apps can be accessed from anywhere by smartphone users. A regular use of your app will give more exposure to your brand, as well as business. In addition, the marketing strategy that you adopt for your app can make it popular and it can occupy a prominent place in editor’s choice. This popularity brings down your cost per user that you pay for your campaign.

Marketing your Mobile App Effectively – How to Start?

To market your mobile app, you need to hire a mobile app marketing agency that handles all the process effectively or you can choose to do it in-house. First and foremost, choose a good name for your app. To market you mobile app, make use of famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, while you can also release a small video of the app on YouTube. The next is blogging, create an interesting write-up that describes what is the app about and what you have in store for the customers. A launch of web page will also help you to keep your users updated about changes in app. When writing a blog, remember that you are creator of the app and only you can sell it more effectively. Creating a mystery for your product such as “Coming soon” brings curiousness among audience. You can also play around with video teasers to keep users engaged. Build a media hype for the product.

Benefits of Mobile App Marketing for your Business

Connect with Customers on-the-go: Develop an easy-to use app that can be accessible on any device and customers can access it on the go. An original idea always appeals to users. Be the first to launch a new type of app that has not been launched by anybody in the market. Or, you can present an existing concept with in a new way.

Increase Exposure Across Mobile Devices: Make sure that your application is compatible with all latest OS platform. This will increase exposure of our product across all mobile devices. Use free, open source tools for building cross-platform apps.

Brand Awareness: Releasing an app will make your brand visible to more customers. As more and more users download your app, you can reach more loyal customers through push notifications. Build loyal customer base as you continue releasing more apps.

Increase Your Accessibility: Making you app accessible on mobile devices brings you more closer to customers. You can stop relying on traditional advertising as your customer base for app grows. A growing connection with the audience help to make your brand appear stronger on mobile app market. Another advantage that businesses gain from mobile app marketing is Return on Investment.

Introducing a mobile app is a wiser choice as opposed to websites. It saves user’s time as it takes only a second to open an app. It is the most convenient option for users. We hope that we have been successful in shedding some light on mobile app marketing. If you are looking for the best mobile app development and marketing services in Mumbai, contact Valuehits.


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