By SiteEditor | social media optimization | 29 July 2017

Oh, I have thousands of followers on Instagram, but why isn’t anyone double tapping or viewing my posts? Well, more followers don’t always result in big social engagement. There might be some way where you may be going wrong.

Instagram is an image dominating platform where only creativity work as it focuses highly on engaging pictures and posts. The market for advertising is acute on Instagram and you are limited in terms of the length and depth of the post. If you are not getting enough engagement, it means you are doing something wrong.

These can be some of the things that may be impacting your Instagram growth.

Using Too Many Hashtags And Mentions

Hashtag is the new trend, it can get you more likes but stop overdoing it. Instagram has certain limitations such as for writing caption, mentions, and hashtags. When it comes to hashtags, you can include up to 30 of them, whereas you can include only 5 mentions. But it is recommended to use only 10 hashtags as more of them can make the post less interesting. So it is better to use them wisely.

Unintentionally Activating Privacy

This is one of the mistakes that we do accidentally. You just swiped your finger accidentally over the button that caused the account to turn on privacy setting. How do we expect more likes and comments when others can’t see your posts? Make sure you check for this feature and check if your profile is visible to all to drive engagement.

Posting Boring Content

Photos of babies are cute but posting the same thing over and over again becomes too redundant and spammy. Try to come up with some new and unique. Yes, I know. Where everything is already done, coming up with new content can be difficult. But that’s what gets more engagement, so all you can do is improve your post and avoid posting boring stuff.


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