Reaching Your Audience Through Bing Ads

By Admin | bing advertising | 19 June 2017

When we talk about search engine advertisement, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. Google has successfully turned itself synonymous with ‘search engine’. If anyone has to search something over the Internet, they simply say ‘Google it’. But that doesn’t mean that marketers should only focus on Google when it comes to generating revenue.

Bing happens to be the closest competitor of Google and you can’t overlook its potential as a marketing object. It might come as a surprise for you that Bing can bring leads for you because we always see Google as the master. Bing paid advertisement work pretty much like Google ads and it can generate significant revenue for your business. Here are some hacks you can try to get your ads noticed on Bing.

Time Zone Feature

Bing enables you to specify the time zone for your paid ads that enable you to target your audience at the right time and this could save your money essentially. For instance, if you are targeting customers based in USA and India, both the countries have different time zones so if your ad is seen during daytime in the US, it may not be seen in India due to the time difference. Thus, by customizing time zone, you can reach your target audience globally.

Target Specific Devices

Bing lets you determine which mobile device you want to target and reach your audience through. For example, you have complete control which device your ads reach such as iOS, Android, Windows and so on. This works great if you are optimizing your ads for any specific device. That’s the minute features we like about Bing.

Advanced Targeting Options

With Bing, you can adjust your ad settings and modify it that best meet your strategy. If you are getting more clicks on weekends, from an age group between 18-30 and mostly from men, then you can change your setting and set it accordingly, which can help bring more CTRs. This is one of the best parts about Bing because it gives you better control of your ad campaign, which further serves your ad budget well.

Make Use Of Automated Rules

Another interesting feature from Bing is that you can automate your ad rules and run your ad campaign on auto pilot. Besides, it doesn’t compromise on quality and provides you with best ad rules. You can make a lot of changes to this ad and modify it as per your needs. It will take some time to master this concept but once you do, it is going to be an advantage for you.

Include Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional information provided along with a particular ad such as contact details, website link, location, etc. You don’t need to pay more to include ad extensions, so if possible include extensions to your advertisement as it enhances your visibility and can drive more clicks.

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