By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 19 July 2013

Search Engine Optimization; Is that all you need? Yes, SEO is the most important source of traffic, and it is essential to have a SEO campaign running for your website. Imagine a scenario, wherein you have the backing of the best SEO experts, who are working day and night to keep your website on top. What if, the content quality is poor, or the social media integration is not offered. There is a possibility of losing out on potential clients.

In the SEO world, there are a number of interlinked factors, which affect your SEO campaign. Basically, the talk is about SEO, PPC and SMO. The other factors supporting the campaign are Email Marketing, Maps, Optimization, Mobile Application Marketing, Content Writing, On-line Marketing and many more. Valuehits is a one stop shop for all your on-line marketing needs. Our SEO experts work with proven methods, which can be effective in any situation.

What do we offer?

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To improve your web-site’s ranking, Search Engine Optimization campaign is a must. Guided by an experienced hand, you can achieve your goals in no time.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC): As the name suggests, a PPC campaign focuses on pay as and when a click is made on your website. PPC is an effective way to improve your on-line business.

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO): The world is on the social networks. If you do not have your campaign integrated with the social networks, then the loss can be comparatively higher. Results of a properly managed SMO campaign are always better and quicker as compared to other campaigns.

To support the above campaigns, you need the following:

– Content Writing: A web-site cannot attract targeted traffic without an effective content. Content creates the liking for a website. You need effective content in every campaign. Content is what the people see, and are redirected to a website or social network link.

– Mobile Application Marketing: This is new to the marketing world, but is the need of the hour. People love surfing things on-the-go. It increases your chances to get them directed to your website.

– Map Optimization: Maps optimization help users to enhance their local market. When a user is searching for a particular keyword (with location), if it relates to your business and locality, you should be listed in there, isn’t it? Maps Optimization is important to get you listed there, so that you do not lose out on local customers.

– On-line Marketing: Basically, this service is to enable you to promote services and products on-line. With our experience and techniques, your marketing campaign is bound to improve.

– Email Marketing: It is a targeted method of marketing. Here, e-mails are sent only to those, who might be interested in your website and social networking links. This technique helps the conversion rate surface, and the return on investment is also higher. We, at Valuehits have been making clients happy with our effective methods and pure enthusiasm.


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