By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 7 January 2015

One of the obstacles every SEO expert faces is getting top position for a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing. SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimization, is a long and simple process that provides valuable results for a long time. It is basically a process of improving ranking of a website on search engine results page (SERP) to get more “organic and natural traffic.” It takes months of efforts to get top ranking and only an expert can know it. Most businesses don’t take advantage of various techniques that can be used to boost ranking but many consultants fail to use it effectively, reason being not capable enough to follow a methodological approach. Only campaigns, which follow a defined set of fool-proof plan and do a strategic work can expect desired results. SEO comprises of a vast site ranking rules and each person chooses a distinct route to make site visible on first page of search engine engine. However, it is not easy to get top position, so here are some insights on how to rank better on search engines.


Many consultants are of the opinion that the more competitive keywords, the more chances of getting ranked higher. On the contrary, this view is totally different for some, who believe in focusing on less competitive keywords paired with HIGH SEARCH VOLUME. The reason for inserting less/ medium targeted keywords is, these are pretty easier to rank unlike highly competitive ones. In fact, you will also notice that these keywords also sometime produce great results. For a site to get search engine optimized, it is also necessary to use long-tail phrases as they are more specific, bring more targeted traffic and again easier to rank. One of the best ways to rank better, would be to include keyword phrase in headlines (h1, h2 etc), title tag, and URL. It’s not advisable to target more than 2-3 keywords for a single page and make sure to adhere to a healthy ratio of 1%-3%.


For any site to rank better, it should have a compelling content that makes you stand out from your competitors. High quality content which provides value to site visitors is often rewarded by search engines. Fresh and original content that engages users helps to build credibility in industry and consumers are more likely to buy your services. Not just this, keep updating your site with fresh content either through blogs or any website page. This will help you to have an edge over other sites.

Social Media Presence:

If you haven’t yet set up your page on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, then you’re losing out on huge opportunities that are about to come your way. In this fast paced, competitive market, it is necessary to have a strong and active social media presence as search engines always keep an eye on it.


Make sure that you obtain only quality backlinks which you can receive through guest posting, social media, video marketing, private blog networks, relevant forum links. However, with recent change in Google algorithms, this method has reduced to some extent but many SEO experts still rely on it to get high ranking on search engines. Also, it is essential to focus on quality and not on quantity. Avoid using paid links or any kind of link exchanges.


Regular performance monitoring is the most important part throughout the SEO process. This gives an idea about how visitors are responding to your website? Which pages have highest conversion rates? What type of kewords are driving more traffic? What needs to be done to further improve traffic and ranking of website?

Remember, SEO is slow process, but at the same time it is cost effective and result-driven. Patience is the key to reach desired goals. We hope these tips would definitely help you to carry out website optimization with ease. For best search engine optimization, contact Valuehits which is the leading SEO firm in Mumbai, India.


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