SEO and Wix Site.. How Well Do They Go With Each Other?

By Admin | search engine optimization | 2 February 2018

Wix is a free website builder, that requires no technical skill at all to build your own stunning website in no time. Just select a design as per your need, start customizing it with your media and content, that’s it you are ready to go online.

Wix is not the best solution if you are looking for a website with great SEO as Wix is a little laid back in the professional SEO community. It is ideal for businesses that do not give much weightage to SEO.

The story is not the same now. To cover its SEO inabilities, Wix has recently launched its SEO feature – ‘Wix SEO Wiz’ with enhanced SEO capabilities to serve millions of its users worldwide. If your website is on Wix and you wish to enhance the online visibility of your website then you must make use of Wiz to get good ranking on leading search engines.

What is Wix SEO Wiz?

Wix SEO Wiz is now available on all the websites built on Wix website builder whether new or old. It is a step by step tool to improve a Wix website’s online presence, boost its SEO, get it seen in search results and increase web traffic. Wix SEO Wiz is rich in features and offers search engine optimization through keyword optimization, keywords identification, meta tags and performance monitoring.

The keywords play an important role in web optimization and help Google’s bots in knowing the kind of website it is. Another important reason for writing or defining keyword is to identify the niche to develop influential key phrases to make it more inclined towards searches. Wix web optimization Wiz specifically analyses the phrases which can be used and suggests better ones which can get more traffic.

Wix website builder offers complete assistance and tools needed to make a website fit for the primary page of a search engine by using Wiz web optimization. It can help you in a number of ways, like sharing hyperlinks on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Wix keeps updating itself with latest optimization trends operating worldwide to provide its customers an edge over the competition. It provides visitor report and analytics by letting us know the number of visitors and the time spent per visitor, so as to improve website’s search efficiency and increase traffic.

Thus, we can say that Wix websites can be finely optimized for search engines, improving a website’s visibility and searchability, so that prospects can look for it through search engines.


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