By SiteEditor | Social Media Marketing | 6 March 2013

Pinterest, General Electric blog on Tumblr are just a few examples that use a visual medium to tell their brand story. Business owners have quickly learned that adding a visual component to their social media strategies, further strengthens their chances of connecting with a prospective customer . Pinterest has gained momentum by exploiting the benefits of this visual medium era. Instagram is another contender which cannot be left far behind. Some tips that will get you started .

Showcase what you have got
If you are a small company, selling a product can be made alluring simply by taking a few pictures and sharing the images. If you are enthusiastic about something and your audience share your same vibe, it can lead to conversations. Post the photo, and write a paragraph about the product, too. Your enthusiasm will rub off on people sooner or later. Lets say you are not a product oriented business, but a service oriented business. Not a problem-images work here too. Use pictures as a chance to display your great products, new releases, features, and the beauty of the items. Service-based businesses can use lifestyle shots to connect their audience or purchase stock photography on sites, such as Shutterstock, iStock, and other royalty-free sites

People can relate to other people.
You can add some zing to your images rather than just uploading your coffee shop image. People would like to know more about you, such as who makes the best espresso on Fridays. People would like to hear more about your culture and adding human touch and emotions to these images is what will differentiate you. There are lot of aspects that can be enjoyed in a photo. The idea here is to have a friendly feel and connect with your prospects. Avoid the usual suit and tie photos or the beer and t-shirt photos .

Get close
Make sure the image will fill in the frame as the images uploaded to social media sites will be viewed in a small, thumbnail-sized box first. You do not need a fancy camera to get the angle right- just use your iphone. If people cannot clearly see or understand your picture in the thumbnail, they are less likely to click on it.

Have a Great lighting
You do not have to buy expensive studio lighting systems to achieve better lighting. To get better “natural” lighting, try these simple tips:

Turn on the overhead lights before you take a photo, even if the room seems brightly lit.

Make sure the light is behind you when you take a photo.

If you are outside, make sure you hold the camera with your back to the sun.

Move a floor lamp closer to the subject.

Post useful photos

Sharing photographs of products, services, and staff can be useful because when customers come visit your business, they will already know who to ask for, and what they are looking for. You have created a connection with them .

Some other tips:

Share a photograph of a new sales rep, photos of how their product works, or how to fix a problem.

Finally, make sure to associate relevant text with your images; don’t give them generic names like, ixo987.jpg.

Make names and descriptions key word rich.

Make sure that you are honoring property rights and protecting your intellectual property.

Seek legal advice if necessary.

People love pictures and videos. If you do a quick search online, you will find hundreds of studies proving how pictures trigger a mental response from the brain faster with more impact than text. However, if you are still not satisfied with the output, you can hire a professional . This professional could be your friend or even a college kid who is good at photography.


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