By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 12 May 2017

For any business launched over the Internet, it needs to get its Search Engine Optimization strategy sorted because the success of any website depends highly on its search engine rankings. According to a research, 80% of website traffic is generated through a search query. When your website begins to rank in the search engine, you’ll experience increased traffic rate, which can further result in improved sales rate. Organizations with top online rankings get more clicks, thus generating better revenue than others.

Make Your Websites More Mobile-Friendly

A majority of people use mobile devices and optimizing the desktop features of a website won’t make any sense. As mobile devices are more convenient, people use them frequently to make Internet searches and a mobile-friendly device is an added advantage here. Create websites that perform efficiently on every device as this enables users to smoothly navigate through your web pages, which increases the possibilities of lead conversion.

Enhance Website Speed

Latency is another issue that affects the performance of your website, resulting in poor search engine rankings. Users need access to information quickly and if your website takes considerably long time to load fully, they may leave your site and never visit it again. Out of four, one user leaves a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load. Usually, there are more complaints about slow websites than any other stuff, thus you need to ensure to revamp your website for improved speed. Avoid uploading unwanted data on your website and optimize the size of the media files. Use website speed check tool to determine the efficiency of your site.

Use Link Building

Prefer quality over quantity. It is pointless to backlink hundreds of links to your website and if you are SEO professional, you’ll know that this strategy no longer works. Instead of aggressively promoting your links, try to keep it simple. Too much link building might lead the search engine to ban you.

Create Quality-Oriented Content

We surely know the universal fact that content is the king in the SEO domain. The better the quality of the content, the higher will be your search engine ranking. Produce highly curated content that can help you with your SEO strategy and also provide users with the right information.

Don’t Underestimate Bing Or Yahoo

SEO is not about ranking your website on Google only but optimizing it for every other search engines. Google is largely seen as a factor for improving web rankings but there are many users that prefer using Bing, Yahoo or other search engines for Internet search query. Ensure to optimize your website accordingly for different search engines that will enable you to generate leads for business through distinct channels.


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