By SiteEditor | Link building | 12 February 2013

Although link building is loosing its importance with the recent algorithm update by Google, it is still considered crucial for search engine optimization. Google still uses the links to give credibility to a site and increase its ranking. It allows business owners and webmasters to product quality content and utilize it for popularity. 

Here are some of the best practice link building techniques that can used instead of traditional link building methods for higher visibility in major search engines without being penalized. 

1. Ask your customers and partners to link back to you 

If you are dealing with some customer, business or organisation, ask them to add you to their partners list with the link back to your site. If they doesn’t have any such listing, ask them to talk about you somewhere in their website and give a link back. 

2. Publish at least one article per week 

Content is king and we know it since long. Hence, to make sure people link back to your website, you definitely need fresh and unique content displayed on your website. If you publish an effective and valuable content on your site, the probability that it gets shared increases too. 

3. Publish news 

People like to read and share news about industries or field in which they work. Hence, publishing news related to your field is an easiest way for wide popularity and natural link backs in short span of time. Most search engines, including Google, like this and will provide you higher ranking. 

4. Create content that provides some kind of listing, etc. 

Just like this blog, create some content on your site which says like, “Top Ten”, “Top Five”, etc. People use such terms in search engines to find the best. It is also being shared or bookmarked for later reference. 

5. Write something about specific experts in your industry 

It can also benefit to you. Many such experts may link back to such content on their website. This doesn’t mean producing content on celebs, etc. but just those that are very well known in your industry or field. 

6. Guest post 

There are many webmasters or business owners that allow guest post. Although you will be writing content for their website and it will be displayed on their website itself, still you will get a link back easily to your website. 

7. Allow promotion facility to website owners visiting to your website 

With this, such website owners will easily give a link back to your site in turn. Thus, you can help each other simultaneously and get benefitted with its outcomes. 

8. Mention your website URL everywhere 

Whether you are participating in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc or in some forums or blogs, mention your website URL somewhere in your profile. Although you may not see any direct benefit from search engines, you still can expect traffic coming in to your website from such profiles. 

9. Sponsor or be part of some event, campaign, etc online 

At one point, it may seem to you much costlier and unwilling, but once implemented it can bring surprising effects on your website. It not only provides you quality backlinks from reputed sources, but also drives a large volume of traffic to your website in natural terms. 

10. Believe in give-and-take relationship 

To get backlinks, you are sometime expected to give something in return. Don’t hesitate! Offer people credit, link backs, or share their content. This way the other party will easily and happily give you link back that improves your credibility. But remember, never link to low quality or unethical websites that uses black hat techniques, which might affect you as well. 


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