By SiteEditor | social media optimization | 2 October 2014

Earlier many believed and used social media optimization just to build community. Apart from brand awareness and customer service, it is an amazing tool to generate leads. Existing and new businesses are now realizing the importance of SMO and how it can used to attract customers that can land them more leads. Engagement is the key to sales, and social channels give opportunity to interact directly customers, this is the reason why many companies are using this Internet marketing strategy. Here, in this article we have highlighted some of the tricks that can generate leads effectively through social media.

Freebies and Giveaways: The word “free” is very powerful when you want to promote you product/service. Giveaways is sure to attract attention of audience. You can introduce a contest with the promise of giving a prize or a gift whoever wins the contest. Or you can ask customer to go through the content that can win them a prize hamper, this strategy will entice them to visit the link.

Run Ads on Facebook: You can run ads on Facebook such as promotional post or share blog links about your latests news on your FB webpage. Create Facebook applications, which is a great way for lead generation. With consistent advertising activities, you an garner more leads.

Use Twitter Cards: There are total 8 type of Twitter cards aimed just for businesses and lead generation card is one of them. When users see a lead generation card, they can share their email address associated with Twitter account with you. This will save from potential losses. Twitter lead generation cards increase conversion rates by capturing in-app form-fills from your followers.

Use Google Analytics: This tool can help you to analyze and streamline the process of lead generation. Google Analytics gives you access to sales conversion, product sales, and revenue data which can be used to establish actionable ways to increase leads sales. In case you are running a promotion or campaign, you can track revenue, average order size and other key metrics.

LinkedIn: Create an impressive profile on LinkedIn, as it is a best way to attract leads when it comes to customers, business, affiliates etc. You can browse various groups and join one of them which matches with your company’s interests. Establish connections with key members of the group and maintain a conversation with them occasionally. This can be a potential lead-builder for your business.

Increase Sales on Pinterest: There are many ways through which you can increase sales on Pinterest. Run contests, use hash tags, cross-promotion of new products or giveaway coupons. These tools will definitely help you to present your product in the best possible way complimented by visually appealing images. The site is used by 70% of people to decide which products to buy as it is more of a product driven site.

Now-a days, many businesses rely on internet marketing which is considered the most effective tool. Gone are the days when people used traditional advertising for lead generation, which is no longer effective now. Whether your business is small or large, you cannot escape from online marketing and it is a necessity for any business that wants to be competitive in today’s Market. Therefore, more and More marketers are realizing the power of search engine optimization, pay per click and social media optimization. If you looking for real SMO services in Mumbai, contact Valuehits.

Tip: For using any social platform for marketing any product/service, it is better to know the nuances of the site in detail.


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