Tweet Smarter: Ways To Optimize Your Twitter Profile

By Admin | Social Media | 17 January 2018

Twitter is an extremely popular social media tool with countless tweets being shared every minute. If you are a business organization twitter should be a part of your social media marketing portfolio. Twitter can help you in growing your business by smartly targeting your prospects through optimized tweets that can help in enhancing your visibility and visitors.

Why should I optimize my twitter profile?

Your twitter profile is a 24×7 open edition of your business. If you optimize your twitter profile you can do much more with the existing twitter account. A twitter profile is like a web-based visiting card. It is everything that people come across about you when they visit your twitter profile, so it should look good, be in line with your business objectives and add value to your overall brand image.

Simple ways to optimize your twitter profile

To optimize your twitter profile use the simple optimization methods listed below:

1. Header Photo
Your header photo is the first thing on your twitter page, it should talk for you. You can use a header that tells about your brand, the need that your business satisfies, promotional offer, reflect your brand values, invite website visits, use your logo & tagline, image showcase, inform about upcoming events and educate visitors about your products/services.

2. Profile Photo
For people who visit your twitter profile, keep a profile photo that is recognizable, high resolution, visible and bright. It can ideally be your logo or image of the face of your organization like CEO or store owner. Your profile picture also appears in news feed but in small size. Consider using a profile photo that looks equally good on profile page and news feed.

3. Account Name and User Name
Use an account name and user name with which you expect people to look for you. You can use your brand name or personal name if you think it is right for this purpose. Try to keep your account name and user name similar to avoid confusion.

4. Bio
Bio is the most vital element of your twitter profile because it is indexed by search engines and appears in search results. To attract your target audience, keep your bio keyword rich, as twitter supports searchable bios. Your bio can be the connecting point between you and a twitter user looking for you, based on your 160 character bio people decide whether or not to follow you.

5. Pinned Tweet
A pinned tweet can be anything that shows who you are, what do you offer, how can you solve problems or any important information that you want to get noticed and re-tweeted. Try using an image with the pinned tweet for maximum engagement. Pinned tweets are seen by people when they visit your profile, it can include links to blog posts, testimonial, video, case study, events and webinars, personal information, statistics and promotional offers.

6. Location and URL
Include your URL and location on your twitter profile. Use the URL of your website or of the specific page where you want your twitter followers to land. Disclosing your location on twitter can help you in connecting with local audiences.

Thus, we can say that a well-optimized twitter profile can bear great results for your business. Rate your twitter profile now and make improvements if you are lacking on any front. It will help you in increasing your followers, reaching new prospects, generating new leads, increasing website visits, mobile app downloads and building brand value.


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