Tweet Smarter: Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

By Admin | Social Media | 31 July 2017

We tweet, regularly, daily, multiple posts a day, yet no engagement. What’s wrong? We often think that posting multiple times a day is enough to generate engagement and drive better results. But there’s a lot more than simply posting every day. Sometimes there are certain tweets that gain far more hits than the rest of the posts. So how do you get the same result on all your tweets? Here we will evaluate some easy ways that can help boost your Twitter profile.

Use A Catchy Header

Try to make your profile as attractive as possible. That surely doesn’t mean adding colors or making it more creative but giving it a subtle yet smart look. For instance, rather than adding simple stock background images, you can create your own creative and ensure that the image gives a proper description of your business. As you know, there are some profiles that speak for itself, so ensure to create a profile that will gain more followers and engagement.

Twitter Length

We know about the character limit and that’s a challenge to get across your message within 140 characters. Adding image to it can make the tweet more impactful, but sometimes writing a powerful tweet can also help you get more engagement.

Use Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can get you a good amount of engagement, but don’t fill the entire tweet with hashtags. For example, #please #retweet #my #post. This looks kind of irritating and it will just go left and right without anyone paying attention to it. I think two hashtags are enough.

Tweet At The Right Time

It’s all about posting your message at the right time to grab the attention of your audience. You can find multiple web applications that can help you determine the best time to tweet. For instance, if your followers are online at 12 noon, schedule a post at that time.

Once you begin tweeting, you’ll understand what works best for your profile and things you can do to improve your account and engagement.


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