Understanding Facebook Ads & Tips To Be Successful

By Admin | Social Media | 16 February 2018

Facebook has gained a significant place in our lives. People across the world are hooked to their screens because of Facebook. This makes Facebook a potential marketing platform where businesses can promote their products/services and interact with customers.

Facebook has evolved itself over the years to suit marketing needs of businesses. It offers profound targeting based on demographic information of Facebookers. You can bifurcate ad audience based on age, gender, behavior, history, interest, off-Facebook activity, etc. When your ads hit the right screens there are substantial chances of conversion.

Facebook Ads to increase website visits:

A Facebook advertiser can select among 10 campaign objectives offered by Facebook. One of the most commonly used objective is to drive traffic to a website. There are two benefits of using this objective as it increases website’s traffic and redirects user to a specified landing page. After that the user can navigate your website as per his interests and take actions like purchasing a product or service, subscribing, downloading or calling you directly.

Tips for successful Facebook advertising

Following are few tips that can help you in making the best use of Facebook advertising:

1) Don’t use the same ad for decades
No one can watch the same movie again and again because there is nothing new in the story, similarly watching the same ad again and again is really frustrating for users. Always keep rotating your Facebook ads, keep trying new stuff and be creative if you want more engagement over the time. Do not use the same ad for more than two weeks.

2) Reinvent your styles
To know which ad works the best with your target audience you need to play with Facebook ad styles. Reinvent your ads with new text format, design, layout, ad copy and visual appeal. Fool-proofing every element of your ad is the secret to get the desired result from ads.

3) Try new targeting
Audience targeting is the most versatile tool offered by Facebook ads and you should make the best use of it. Try expanding your geographies or changing your demographics to get the output from advertising efforts. Only make one change at a time to monitor results accurately. Begin with a narrow audience and advance gradually.

4) Use Facebook Pixel
Facebook pixel is a piece of code that allows you to track ad performance and conversions. Using this information businesses can remarket to users who previously visited their website or viewed their product/service.

5) Use high-quality images and videos
Use eye-catching and attractive images and videos in Facebook ads as users interact with visual before written text. A good ad copy is a must but together with great visuals, they make a solid combo for success. It is always better to depict images of people consuming or using your product/service rather than showing the product itself.

All the tips discussed above are tried and tested by ValueHits digital marketing team. No one can stop you from being successful with Facebook ads if you appropriately used these tips. ValueHits is a full-service digital marketing agency that has served clients in different eras of digital evolution. We are a matured agency with mastery of digital promotion skills like SEO, PPC, SMO, SMM, Mobile App Marketing, Media Buying, ORM, Content Writing, E-Mail Marketing and White labeled services. Contact us today for Facebook advertising.


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