By SiteEditor | | 7 August 2017

LinkedIn is the best place to connect to a professional audience and build a better online community, especially for B2B industry. Secondly, it the best place to generate leads for your business. Unlike other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc., LinkedIn has the potential to generate leads for your business without requiring to invest in a lot.

As we are mostly encircled by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we often overlook other platforms such as LinkedIn where the most business talk happens.

Let’s take a look at how LinkedIn can help you generate leads.

Optimize your profile

Don’t let your account look spammy. You need to connect to potential clients so make sure your profile stands out and looks more professional with proper details that make users send you a connection request. Ultimately, you want to add more valuable contacts to your connection and that strategy will work only if you ensure to focus on your profile and create it in a way that brings in more invites.

Make sure you include a catchy profile headline, fill out all the data like profession, company name, etc., and most importantly, add a profile photo. Many often miss out adding a photo that makes their profile look fake.

Add potential clients to your list

On LinkedIn, you can use multiple filters to search a particular profile, enabling you to add more relevant connections. You can narrow down your search with title, location, keyword, and industry that lets you reach your niche audience. Another thing that you can do is view their profiles that will send them a notification that you view their profiles. If they are interested, they’ll surely send you a request.

Create groups

Creating your own groups on is one of the most effective ways to generating leads. However, creating a group is easy, but maintaining and growing it is not. Once you have created the group, start adding connections (make sure to add niche audience). When done, start targeting your connections to generate leads.

Engage with your connections

Whenever you receive messages from any prospects, make sure to continue the conversation. This will double the chances of converting the prospect into a lead. Mostly, a prospect will ask marketing questions to you or try to get clear their doubts. Answer them and tell them more about your offerings and how your business can help them. It could be an initial step to converting the client into a customer.


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