By SiteEditor | Search Engine Optimization | 19 August 2014

Responsive web design is a new approach in SEO website designing that helps a website to adjust as per the user’s device through which it is accessed. The aim of responsive design is to present the best user experience possible in any context. It has become a new standard in the industry due to its evolving best practices, tools and platforms. In terms of SEO for website, the adoption of responsive design can result in business leads, improved page views and engagement. Not only SEO is responsible for making your website successful but also responsive design plays an important role. Google has even stated their preference for ranking responsive websites ahead of non-mobile optimized websites. The need for responsive sites has progressed over the last year and many companies have realized the benefits of responsive web design for search engine optimization. By the end of 2014, it is expected almost all websites will be responsive to keep up with the growing number of mobile phone and tablet users. Here are some benefits of responsive web design for SEO.

Google Recommends Responsive Web Design: According to Google, responsive web design is the best option through which we can target mobile users, while this approach ranks websites which are mobile optimized when searches are made on mobile device. With regards to SEO, it makes better for Google to crawl and index content as responsive web design uses one URL, set of pages and files.

Easy to Manage Only One Website, One URL: Responsive web design make its easy for web developers and webmasters to manage only one website rather than implement changes, post content and maintain the web pages of two websites. Also, only one SEO campaign can be run for the website with out any difficult. With the help of responsive design, you can maintain back links and focus SEO on one single site. You can also build social shares for only one URL.

Content Accessible on All Devices: One of the major benefit of responsive design your web site’s content can be accessed by user from any device ? mobile, tablet, phablet or PC. If your content is not accessible then your user can reach for competitor’s website, thereby reducing your followers. Blogging sites, news sites can benefit from this.

Reduces Bounce Rates: If the content displayed on a mobile device does not matches with the desktop site, then your website can have a high bounce rate. Due to this issue, Google treats your website as irrelevant which in turn drops the ranking of your website.

Improves User Experience and Mobile Ranking: With many people using mobile devices, the need for responsive design has also become critical. It provides great user experience and allows users to read and share content regardless of which device they are using. Responsive web design also improves mobile search rankings. According to a research, mobile search query is expected to surpass desktop queries in 2015.

Increases Visibility on Search Engines: Search engine optimization for a website is a time consuming process. Responsive sites reduces your workload as you can implement a single unified SEO strategy across all devices.

Preparing for The Future: By using responsive site, you are preparing for the future. Mobile is the new tool for accessing websites. It is it is estimated that by 2017 more than 5 billion people will use mobile phones. With this increase, making your websites user-friendly is important. This will help you to get more traffic to your website, thereby helping in SEO ranking.

We highly recommend to implement responsive web design now if you are looking to continued success with search engine optimization. With the rise in use of tablets and smart phones, responsive design has become critical to stay ahead of the competitors and increasing market share. Hire an SEO services in Mumbai that will help you in developing a responsive design website.


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