3 Incredible Three Ways to Use Pinterest And Instagram to Connect With Audience



Social media conversations have made a shift from text to pictures. The images have become a new language of fan engagement. Consumers are talking about the products they want and the products they buy. Snapping a quick shot of the dress you are buying by your cell camera or sharing an image of your kitchen ware is easy.

The reason for switching over to the images is simple, images drive an emotional reaction. There is conversation happening across all social media platforms, and if the brands are not a part of the conversation, they shall miss out on a lot.

Did you know that customers approximately share more than 350 million images per day on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram? Here are three easy ways to help deepen the bond between you and your customers.

Authenticity rules!

Social media platforms enable you to drift from your usual brand messaging in a creative way. Brands are used to having a professional copy. Pinterest and Instagram accounts provide you with the oppourtunity to provide your fans with a more real and casual you.

Keep everybody thinking about what you are going to compose next. Be a part of the day to day chatter. Create a lifestyle board on Pinterest to give the customers a peak of what goes behinds the scene.

Instagram shares photos of your brand’s inspiration in real time. Take a tour of a new showroom or store or post Candy Day celebration at work. Share a little peek with your audience. Post images that people like to see. The only rule of thumb is to post what you like.

Memories together

When you meet up with old friends, the talk about the ‘good old times’ will crop up. Your fans are your friends. This is the tone that should be followed on social media. Ask questions to induce nostalgia in your strategy. Which of your products were popular in that time? What is your favourite retro song?

The hashtag #ThrowBackThursday enables brands to reminisce about old times via photos on Instagram. It is similar to sharing childhood pics with that someone, only with less pressure. Yes, we all felt awkward when we were in high school, so lets laugh about it. Classic ads, vintage products are fun things to share.

Encourage your fans to share

People love to exhibit what they buy. Requesting content from them by asking followers to upload their own pins is something you can do. If you have ever had a brand with hundreds of thousands of followers that highlight you, you can relate to the excitement a fan feels. It could be radical cupcakes or exotic ice sculptures ion a wedding. This tactic can be easily executed on Instagram with a hashtag. 

Every shift in consumer behavior brings both significant challenges and incredible opportunities. By adapting to this new visual language on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, you can humanize your brand and strengthen relationships with consumers.

Any change in consumer behavior brings, both a good challenge and an incredible opportunity.

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