3 Ways Google Is Rewinding the Marketing’s Past to the Future



Tactics, such as link building, keywords, online press releases, search ads that were the pillars of digital marketing Services are now being demolished or rendered ineffective on web. They are returning to the place where creativity and strategy rule, and it is all coming from the mothership: Google.

Google was known to hate marketing, but lately it has started to embrace traditional methods of advertising, public relations and branding to make their platforms and products stand out. On the other hand, the technical changes to Google’s platforms and products make it harder for get rank quick schemes to have an impact.

Although Google appears to have a plan. It involves the offline world more than it involves the online one. I will explain how.

Who does Google Favour?

The flavour of Google Authorship is that the Individuals who create valuable content and considered subject matter experts will see their content rank higher is search. Writers should welcome this change as the low-quality content ranking in search is coming to an end. The true value of a word spinner should return to where it was pre-Google. Stop talking of keywords and start paying attention to Google Authorship.

Pay Per Gaze

People are of the notion that print and outdoor advertising are less important in a world with social media and search engines, which is true. It is difficult to measure the former advertising outlets as compared to online advertising platforms.

Google’s Pay per Gaze is allows Google to track eye movements with a wearable device like Google Glass. The charge based on the number of impressions an ad receive as well as the length of those impressions. The glass can judge the person’s reaction to the ad based on pupil dilation and adjust the price based on emotional response. Pay per glaze may take time to be real, but syncing any advertising you are doing offline to your online systems will help you better measure the value of those efforts. Your traditional advertising could make a comeback, being even better than before.

 Real Connection

In the past, instead of building relationships, it was disconnected from real people. It as more about building links instead of getting in touch with influencers in the media (including bloggers).

The limiting tactics of old SEO are going to be eliminated, and meaningful connections can boost your overall brand reputation and generate quality links that actually mean something. The whole message here is Google does not want you to build your rank through artificial means, but wants you to rewind to the days where you use to get by with a little help from your friends. Making connections is easy and strong offline connections to support your marketing efforts are more important than ever.


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