5 Twitter Best Practices That Add The Human Touch



When you bring a human touch to Twitter, it will be highly appreciated by your followers and will likely help you earn a broader social audience. Stop conducting your brand presence like robot. Let people know that there is a human being behind your brand. Humanizing your brand may be the quickest route to Twitter marketing success. Such a brand will foster new relations faster, encourage genuine relationships and ultimately advance your business and industry influence.

1. Identify and Understand Your Audience: Know your prospects and what are their primary concerns and objectives. Provide thought leadership and directly speak to their needs. Figure out how your prospects can earn more. Dedicated landing pages and inbound links can be helpful to them and very rewarding for you interns of increased social lead generation and conversion.

2. Start a Twitter Chat: Tweet chats are great to make new connections, get information and increase awareness to help you make great progress in understanding Twitter functions. Answer all the questions in a friendly and professional manner.

3. Listen and learn: Listen more and talk on Twitter. Your ideal prospect maybe different from the people who are following and talking to you on Twitter. Pay attention to relevant industry trends and hashtags to amplify your reach. Avoid using twitter for your loud one way conversation only about yourself. That is a total turn off.

4. Use Content Curation: Curate content based on originality and relevance to prevent information overload and increase value on Twitter. A good collection of industry-leading content is likely to increase your reach, influence and social lead generation. Information from a trusted and respected source is always appreciated by the followers.

5. Be original: Be yourself. You and your brand are both unique. Do not copy competitors as their prospects and buyer personas may be significantly different than yours. Authenticity cannot be faked as the originality on social media presence and content is important.

When you followers ask questions, respond quickly as it will look as if you do not care, and your authenticity will be questioned. The more your audience talks about the brand, the more your reach is amplified.

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