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You may have a million likes on your Facebook, but do you exactly know how this data on Facebook can be used for ROI. Well, now you need to know more about those fans, rather than their mere likes on your page. Analytics help you know who really cares for your brand, who really interacts with the brand.

Know your sources
Knowing how users get to your page matters. Traffic might not always come from social networks. It is essential to know which sources are contributing to promote the page to potential fans and on which source you should concentrate your efforts more. Maybe your Youtube has a broken link and that is why the pages are nor generating content. Google is the leading source for brand referrals and is followed by Bing, Yahoo, Twitter and Youtube.

Impression Source
Most fans prefer to get content from the brand, as opposed to a viral source. About 20 percent of the fans get their content from paid advertisements. Do not depend on viral strategy to distribute your message. The production of consistent, quality, and relevant content will pay higher dividends than a misguided attempt to “go viral”.

Post what Fans would like to hear
Fans are more likely to engage with status posts than any other post type. Photo posts lead to more clicks on the post. Fans tend to be less engaged with links than status or photo posts. One should understand how fans engage is an crucial step before you develop your social marketing strategy. Fans are significantly more likely to “like” a brand’s post than to share it or comment on it and people are more likely to engage with a post than to post negative feedback on it.


A 60-year-old woman and a 15-year-old young man might not respond to a post in the same way. Similarly, your fans and followers are also different, coming from a variety of backgrounds, traits , experiences and education levels.

Whether your brand’s strategy revolves around Global or local, savvy marketers need to know where their fans are. Do not undermine the global reach of your brand. Serving the Indian market only, could cost you lost opportunities. For example, If the people talking about your brand are from a French speaking area, but your social campaign targets English-speaking countries only,you will be missing an opportunity which could have been taken care of with the right analytics.

Brands can get even more granular, targeting specific cities for certain campaigns.Use analytics to find out where most of your fans reside, plus identify cities where the fan.When you unravel from where your fans com from, you learn how people are responding to your various strategies and campaigns. It could be an ad or from a search or maybe even a friend’s News Feed. You need to decide what is best for you.

Need for Analytics:
Analytics will help each brand focus on its own target.
Analytics can reveal untapped opportunities and problem areas.
Analytics can show you how fans are discovering and help you exploit those areas
Analytics can show you which of your posts are most effective.

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