9 Lessons Learnt to Become a Socially Active Brand



There’s a lot of discussion about on the best tactics to improve engagement. After years of being in this field, we decided to share some lessons we have learned the hard way in this digital industry. We would like to share some of our insights with you.

1. Try to do things differently. Try to take thoughtful risks to test and run new things. Digital marketing is ever changing, so you should be flexible.

2. Learn to listen and listen more. Sometimes, it happens that there are millions of people talking about the brand each month, but the brand does not pay attention. It helps us understand consumer sentiment, identify the influencers and where those conversations are taking place. It helps create a good content writing strategy.

3. Find great technology partners that can help you to scale your resources and content. Your digital marketing teams should be able to monitor and engage in real-time. 

4. You cannot just expect short messages and expect engagement. However, this is not true on today’s world. Stories news and conversations that require two-way engagement, listening and active participation. It is only then can you promote the value of your company.

5.  You can have a good content creation and curation strategy. You can employ your feature stories along with real time flow curated content. A mix of both worlds.

6. All your content should be optimized to help ensure discoverability.  Without SEO, the content will not be discoverable, no matter how great it is.

7. Utilize the multiple platforms. This may seem tiring, but you do not have to create a new platform for each platform. You can use the same content with different headlines, captions or sound bites across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc, based on the nature of the channel.

8. Collaboration is the key to any digital culture. You can align the customer service with digital to create sensible real time decisions. All it takes is time, relationship building and collaboration.

9.  What was the toughest lesson you learned ?

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