92 % Said Online Content Followed By Ads is Essential: Survey



Who-chooses-what-ads-you-see-600x275A recent survey done by Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) on 1,000 Americans suggests that 92 percent of them said online blogs, forums, videos, news, emails which includes ads are essential and add up to the value of the Internet.

We are all familiar with those annoying ads in the form of banners and pop-ups. However, these ads support the content online and are thus important. According to DAA, a mere 10 percent said they would not mind paying to get access to videos, social media web sites, entertainment sites, forums, blogs, etc. On the other hand, a majority 75 percent said that they were happy with the present free content with ads.

 The survery which was done recently this month clearly shows that people value free content over the Internet and would not prefer paying for it. Also, the interest specific ads were considered to be effective and helpful. It was agreed by the 70 percent that it was better to see ad related to their interests and tastes rather than seeing random ads that were not specific.

The survey also dealt with the effectiveness of Internet ads in forming purchase decisions amongst viewers. Out of the 1,000 Americans:

42 percent agreed that they purchased a product or service because of seeing an advertisement for the same.

50 percent agreed that due to an online ad, they either saved money on a particular product or service or the time in finding it.

58 percent said that an online ad made them aware of an offer which they otherwise would not know about.

According to the poll undertaken by DAA, over 75 percent are in favour of the idea of letting themselves choose the ads they want to see other than the government or the company making the browser software.


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