B2B Social Media Marketing Approaches



When it comes to social media, it’s tempting just to post, add as many relevant keywords as you can, and hope the magic happens.

Some business to business marketers may still be doubtful about investing in social media as it is viewed as business to customer tool activity. Today, it has become essential to adopt this online marketing strategy as it is all about how you fare on social networking sites. It’s the new way to get noticed. Now, many companies prefer to introduce products/services on social media platforms rather than usual way of advertising products in traditional ways.
According to research study, 80% of B2B marketers plan to increase digital spending next year (up from 67% last year). A significant percentage of people are goign to invest in social media marketing and for this purpose it is necessary to have startegies in place.

Defining Target Audience:

The most crucial part of social marketing is defining target audience. What set of business customers you are looking to target? Once you’ve decided on a set of business clients and started building B2B contacts, it is better to begin conversation prior to marketing any product. Before you start aggressively pursuing your strategy, you should also be monitoring what people are saying about your company by setting up an account with Google Alerts and searching social media sites with tools like Radian6, Salesforce.com or Social Mention.

Communicate your Messages:

The most important thing about social media marketing is to communicate your messages to audience. Keep posting relevant information about your firm or product to keep customers engaged, it can be anything from product reports, financial to presentations. On linkedIn site, you can also think of starting a conversation that is niche to your industry so that it is easy for you to build an audience that is comprised of other businesses and business owners. If your company is participating in an event, then it would be great to leverage social media to build a following around an upcoming event.

Using Analytics to Measure your Marketing Efforts:

For any kind of marketing, it is necessary to have tools that help you to determine the success of a campaign. You can make use of Google Analytics to measure the quality of your traffic and your conversion rates.

Extend Your Reach

Effective social media content is becoming more and more of a factor in how search engines rank a site for various keywords. This trend is going to continue so if low cost, strategic site traffic is important to your business, then you need to get moving fast. A few first steps can include: optimizing a YouTube channel, ensuring your company LinkedIn presence is written with good keywords, creating or editing a Wikipedia entry for your business and key leaders, creating regular blog and Twitter posts that discuss relevant topics and link back to your sites.

Incorporate Videos:

You can attract customers by uploading videos. A video of a product/service gives more idea to customers and it can even compel them to buy. It makes them aware of your brand and your products. Uploading videos on social media platforms enable you to keep your customers engaged and his is an indispensable marketing tactic.

But experts warn that effective social media marketing depends on how you maximize your content’s subject matter. Be sure you are aware of the ways to optimize keywords for social media to create exposure.

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