Be Aware of These Five Marketing Trends for 2014



Marketers are still predicting about what this new year might bring, and how technology, connectivity, and buyer behavior are going to affect the way businesses are conducted. In 2013, we saw mobile continuously rising , content marketing went mainstream, and video marketing became essential.

Here are five trends that will be affecting marketing. Here goes:

1. If we follow the matrix completely, the campaigns will simply be a refresh and repeat. You may get the incremental result, but it will lack in creativity that makes a award winning campaign. Expect campaigns that take risks, challenge the known and change what customers believe in 2014.

2. Video marketing is an important part of the digital marketing strategy. Figure out, where you can place it in your buying cycle. Look at your sales cycle, and what resources you have and don’t have and plan accordingly.

3. Big data is allowing brands not just to utilize relevant data but also make predictions and recommendations based on that data. At the same time, a structural shift will take place within the forward-looking enterprises. The big data scientist will be accompanying the marketing dept to scrutinize not just when they are reaching, but when they are reaching them. There are lots of factors to be considered to determine the type of content being shared.

4. Marketers need to observe the specific behaviors of mobile vs desktop users and accordingly mold their approach and content. Study shows that desktop webcast attendees’ behavior is different from those who watch webcasts from their mobile devices.

5. Customers will want to directly connect with the company to hear their message in a authentic voice. This can be a challenge, but also a chance for oppourtunity to create brand advocates globally.

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