How Competitive Analysis could Result in Better SEO Program



When it comes to starting a business, we always think about our competitors, plan strategies, determine target audience, marketing plans and other factors. The most important thing from all these is competitor analysis to succeed in the race of attracting customers and building a successful long standing business. This scenario is prevalent is every business whether you’re operating an ecommerce site, a grocery store or a trading business. Similarly in SEO campaign, if you’re not monitoring competitors online you might be missing on big opportunities and potentially overlooking points of weakness.

When a campaign kicks off, searching for a list of key competitors is the most important task which any SEO expert should think of. Analysis of competitors gives us an idea about current market situation and makes understand the latest tactics used by different market players. We often learn a lot by assessing their strengths and weaknesses in keyword strategy, site architecture, content marketing, link building and social media.

Often, we are asked to show our competitive findings to management and to organizational leaders. Some of the points are highlighted in this article that will aid in better our client’s SEO program.

Keyword Performance

This is the first step in SEO, it will help you to understand how well competitors are performing for the targeted keywords. It is an obvious fact that we cannot get a direct insight into competitive traffic and visitor performance but keyword ranking is one way to determine how competitors are performing.

Once you’ve listed keywords on a priority basis, you can then compare those keywords individually and across organizations. Make you keyword analysis a better one by focusing on three important elements:

– Competitive visibility for priority keyword opportunities
– How competitors perform in relation to each other for priority keyword opportunities
– Additional competitive keyword visibility and opportunities

Competitive keyword visibility helps to which keywords should be given first preference. It is essential to give importance to measuring the validity of priority keyword. Make sure you don’t totally rely on keyword ranking on the impression that it is a sole factor to get an idea regarding competitive performance. Still, over time and with the right program initiatives, you should begin to see your overarching keyword performance improve in comparison to the competition.

Inbound Link Profile

You can get a complete review of a competitor’s link profile by gathering information from a range of sources. When optimizing a website, competitive analysis isn’t complete without conducting a thorough review of your competitors’ link profiles. This gives you a greater insight into multiple datasets. A few key points when reviewing link profiles:
– Link building done in collaboration with traditional marketing communication programs
– Questionable tactics and known spam initiatives identified by search engines

Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing efforts play an important role in boosting your SEO performance. As such, the evaluation of competitive content marketing initiatives is also a critical component of our analysis. Some of the important factors when reviewing content marketing efforts include:

– Types of content being developed (blog posts, videos, case studies, etc.)
– Frequency of content developed
– Level of engagement for content developed

Social Media Presence

Social media presence helps us to understand about competitor’s influence in industry and general. Some of the points you need to take into consideration when reviewing competitive

Social Media Are:

– Types of social media profiles utilized (i.e., Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, etc.)
– Size of network
– Frequency of posts and updates
– Level of engagement

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