Determining Your Ranking Keywords



Once you start tracking your ranking keywords for better SEO outcomes, you will definite ask a question, which is “How to determine all the keywords that the site is ranking for?” Honestly speaking their is no perfect solution to this, but you can actually get a near to perfect solution. So, let us check it out what that solution is.

If you consider Google to follow some kind of giant ranking table from where you can easily get all your main keywords, then practically it’s not possible. Not at all with at least something like Google. With so much of data present, the speed at which it gets updated, and the way that data has to be distributed across various servers, it clearly indicates that the present time search engine should definitely be based on real-time calculation. There is nothing like master table.

So, since you will never know what all are the keywords that you rank for, you can still find a lot of useful data for your website that could be beneficial for you. There are many tools available on net that helps you analyse your website and find those keywords. Among all, Google Analytics is a popular one and widely used.

Another place to look for your keywords is Google Webmaster Tool, yet another popular Google tool for webmasters. It offers various kind of information to webmasters to improve their search engine rankings along with the keywords that drive search impressions, not clicks. With these, you can easily find out those keywords and plan your future SEO strategy accordingly.

Thus, even though you don’t have any definite way to find all the keywords that your site is ranking for, you still have many options to find a lot of them and plan your Internet marketing or SEO strategy and possibly target, if not, to potentially rank for it in most search engines. 

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